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The Things Everyone (Including You) Googled in 2017

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List RulesOf the most searched terms worldwide in 2017, vote up the ones you definitely typed into Google at one point.

A look through the most searched terms in 2017 offers a fun glimpse into the cultural zeitgeist and review of the biggest news events in 2017. Google released their list of most searched on Google in 2017 and it shows popular search terms like solar eclipse, fidget spinner, April the Giraffe, bitcoin price, and "what is a hurricane?" Other sites such as Merriam-Webster's dictionary also named their top words of the year based on Internet searches. "Feminism" was the year's winner, beating out's "complicit." So 2017, right? A time capsule of our lives.

Some people spent their lunch hours furiously searching the names of accused sex offenders: Matt Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill O'Reilly, and Louis CK all made the list. Other people turned to Google to keep tabs on the protests going on, but first they had to make sure they knew what DACA, net neutrality, and the Paris Climate Agreement are. People searched for athletes, sports events, and news stories. A lot of the most searched words on Google were of up and coming actors who starred in movies and TV shows in 2017 (and one who got engaged to a prince). 

Look through this list of the most searched keywords (their ranking on Google's list is included below) and vote up the words that you definitely remember searching for in 2017.

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    #8 in Actors

    Why: The English actor starred in Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

    Thomas Stanley Holland (born June 1, 1996) is an English actor and dancer. A graduate of the BRIT School in London, he is known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), so far  ...more
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    #2 in How to...

    Why: In August, everyone was obsessed with viewing the solar eclipse... but first we had to either buy or make our own glasses.

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    #9 in News

    Why: April the Giraffe gained worldwide fame after a live video of her in the late stages of pregnancy, along with the subsequent birth, were put on YouTube.

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    #3 in News, #7 in Searches

    Why: On August 21, Americans watched a total solar eclipse move across the continent.

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    #2 in News, #5 in Searches

    Why: On October 1, a gunman inside the Mandalay Bay hotel opened fire on the crowd of the Route 91 Harvest music festival, killing 58 people and injuring 546 more.

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    #4 in News, #8 in Searches

    Why: From mid-August until early September, the hurricane devastated the Houston metropolitan area, inflicting an estimated $200 billion in damage.

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    #1 in Searches, #1 in News

    Why: The most intense Atlantic hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005, Irma made landfall in Florida in late August, killing at least 134 people.  

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    #9 in Movies

    Why: On January 24, this film about the history of NASA's black female scientists was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

    Hidden Figures is a 2016 American biographical drama film directed by Theodore Melfi, based on the non-fiction book by Margot Lee Shetterly. The story of a team of female African-American  ...more
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    #6 in News

    Why: In 2017, North Korea conducted a series of truly alarming missile and nuclear tests that demonstrated the country's nuclear abilities.

    North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia, in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. The capital and largest city is Pyongyang. North Korea  ...more
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    #2 in Actors, #5 in People

    Why: The House of Cards star came under scandal in November 2017 as more than a dozen men - including five who were underage at the time - came forward with sexual assault accusations. Spacey seized on this moment to publicly come out of the closet. 

  • 11

    #1 in Calories

    Why: In April, Starbucks released this work of art (or monstrosity, depending on whom you ask), sugar, and calories.

  • 12

    #5 in What is...

    Why: In December 2017, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal its net neutrality rules, which since 2015 had prohibited Internet providers from blocking or slowing particular websites. 

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    #4 in Searches

    Why: On February 5, the New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime during Super Bowl LI.

  • 14

    #9 in Searches

    Why: On April 19, the former NFL player and convicted murderer committed suicide in his prison cell. 

    Aaron Josef Hernandez (November 6, 1989 – April 19, 2017) was an American football tight end in the National Football League (NFL) and convicted murderer. A productive player during his three seasons  ...more
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    #2 in Activations (protests)
    Why: A far-right rally called the Unite the Right brought out white supremacists, white nationalists, neo-Confederates, Klansmen, neo-Nazis, and various militias - which came as a surprise to many Americans who were not aware of the extent of modern day Nazis in America. President Trump defended the rights of these groups, leading to widespread protests. At least one woman was killed during the Charlottesville protests.
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    #1 in Selfies

    Why: This photo was the catalyst for a 2017 legal fight between British nature photographer David Slater, (who set up the camera that captured the 'monkey selfie'), and PETA, (who claimed that he did not own the rights to it because it was the monkey who actually took the photo). Both sides eventually agreed to a settlement.

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    #9 in People

    Why: In November, the Pro-Trump, alt-right, anti-LGBTQ rights (although he himself is gay), neo-Nazi sympathizer—who was permanently banned from Twitter in July 2016—toured Australia as a speaker.

  • 18

    #3 in Actors, #10 in People

    Why: The Israeli actress starred in Wonder Woman in May and appeared again in Justice League in November.

  • 19

    #1 in Movies

    Why: On September 8, the horror film broke box office records with its $123 million opening.

    It (also known as It: Chapter One) is a 2017 American supernatural horror film directed by Andy Muschietti, based on the 1986 novel by Stephen King. In the summer of 1989, a group of bullied kids  ...more
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    #1 in Athletes

    Why: On August 26, the boxer came out of retirement to fight (and beat) Conor McGregor.

    Boxer Floyd Mayweather on his up coming fight; Round table discussion with comics Chris Hardwick, Greg Proops, and Natasha Leggero.
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    #2 in What is...

    Why: Bitcoin currency was definitely in the news in 2017 - many people were tracking its value, a lot of people got rich off of it, and some people were just trying to figure out what the hell it is (a cryptocurrency).

  • 22

    #4 in What is..

    Why: In 2017, the far-left movement emerged in the United States to confront fascism and President Trump.

  • 23

    #1 in Actors, #2 in People

    Why: On November 27, the actress and Prince Harry announced that they are engaged and planning a wedding for May 2018.

    Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (born Rachel Meghan Markle; August 4, 1981), is an American-born member of the British royal family and former actress. Markle was raised in Los Angeles, California and has  ...more
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    #5 in Movies

    Why: Released in 2017, this superhero film based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name was the fifth installment in the DC Extended Universe.

  • 25

    #3 in Movies

    Why: Wonder Woman is a super popular and critically acclaimed DC superhero film that came out in 2017 and stars Israeli model Gal Godot.

    Wonder Woman is a 2017 American superhero film directed by Patty Jenkins, based on the DC Comics character. When a pilot (Chris Pine) crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana (Gal  ...more