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The Top 20 Emerging Reggae Artists/Bands

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While reggae has long been one of the world's most popular and powerful forms of music, the artists responsible for creating it are not always given the proper recognition. For every reggae artist that crosses over to the mainstream, dozens of other worthy contenders are left behind. Read on to learn more about the top 20 artists who are poised to make a major breakthrough in 2016.
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    Bryan Art

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    The name Bryan Art describes a witty songwriter, meticulous producer, renowned guitarist and multifaceted artist specializing in music with a positive message.....(See more )
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    Bongo Kanny

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    Astute Aaron Kedar knows a thing or two about singing reggae, training, exploring and recording his voice – testing his limits, finding his style - since he was a young boy growing up in a house filled with music of all genres. (See more...http://www.reggaeville.com/nc/artist-details/artist/bongo-kanny/ac/biography.html)
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    Jamiel Foster who started out as Culture Jamiel and now known as simply Jahmiel is a rising star in his own fame. (See more...http://www.reggaeville.com/nc/artist-details/artist/jahmiel/ac/biography.html)
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    Randy Valentine

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    The Jamaican born vocalist is a talented versatile singer song-writer/ producer  who is currently under the umbrella of Riga. (See more...http://www.reggaeville.com/nc/artist-details/artist/randy-valentine/ac/biography.html)