The Most Useful Spices

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Any household spice that you use often

The most useful spices are the must-have spices for any home kitchen. Whether you're cooking something sweet or savory, proper seasoning is key for delicious flavors. If you're only going to keep a few spices on hand, choose these best spices first.

At the heart of any essential spices list are the old standbys of salt and pepper. Easily used in more foods than any other spices, salt and pepper have been used together since the 17th century to help bring out the natural flavors of foods. Today, it's rare to find a dining table or top cuisine lacking these essential seasonings.

Going beyond the necessities, garlic, cinnamon, paprika, oregano, parsley and basil are all must-haves for cooking whether you're creating a delicious Italian dish rich with garlic, oregano and basil or simply a sweet treat with that rustic taste of cinnamon. Of course fresh herbs and spices will provide the best flavor for any dish, dried or granulated versions work well in a pinch as well.What's in your cupboard and which are your favorite herbs and spices? Are you a fan of the fresh cilantro, like the heat from cayenne pepper or just happy with some simple seasoning salt? Vote for the spices you use most below!
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