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SPOILERS! You should already know that, but now you've been warned.

It's over. Five glorious seasons of one of the best television shows of all time have come to an end in what was arguably one of the best series finales in the history of television. It was dramatic, it was gratifying, and it didn't feel at all forced or contrived. The final episode of Breaking Bad was gory, it was crafty, and it was good. It was just plain satisfying to see Walter White return to see what Heisenberg started. 

There were myriad ways that Breaking Bad could have ended, but clearly Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan had a sense of the way he saw the series concluding. Whether you wanted Walt to live or knew you wanted Walt to die (and if you did, you probably also had a firm opinion on who you wanted to kill Walt), there were bound to be some WTF moments in the Breaking Bad series finale with regards to Breaking Bad's final body count. 

From the ways people died in the Breaking Bad series finale to the way the bodies piled up, there were definitely moments in the series finale that no one saw coming (or at least couldn't actually believe happened). If you saw Breaking Bad's final episode, you surely have an opinion on what the best moments in the finale were and what all the WTF moments chalked up to. Make sure to upvote the most WTF moments in the finale as you did (or didn't) see them coming.

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Going all the way back to the first season when Jesse and Walt flipped a coin to see who would kill Krazy-8, one of the final deaths we see dispatched is the violent choking death of Todd. It had shades of the frenzy felt by Walt when he takes what's left of Krazy-8 with the bend of a U-lock in the basement of Jesse's house. Less frenzy than pure, unadulterated hate, Jesse wrestling the final few breaths from the most polite psychopath in the history of the silver screen was as gratifying for Jesse as it was for the viewers. 
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You Want Your Money?

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Walt had a lot of kills over the course of the show for a lot of reasons: he took out Gustavo Fring out of rivalry and perhaps a sense of survivalism; he ran over drug dealers to protect Jesse (and arguably let Jane die for the same reason); and he shot Mike Ehrmantraut because he wanted to. Throughout the series- and up until the very end- Walt maintained that his actions were all for his family's well, and the money that Uncle Jack had pilfered was of no use to them by the time he attempted to use it as a bargaining chip to save his life. It was VERY gratifying to see Walt pull that trigger and take the last bit of power from the Neo-Nazi ringleader.
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The Red Dots On Gretchen and Elliott

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It wouldn't have been a tragic loss if Walt HAD killed these guys. However, their biggest crime against Walt was a slanderous statement delivered on a public access talk show, so they didn't really deserve to be harmed by Heisenberg. In reality, they tried to help him and, had Walt accepted the charity he was so reviled by, there would be far fewer bodies strewn about the Southwest.
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Walt Admits Why He Did It

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Walt may be a drug kingpin, but in his moment of admission he manages to scrape a bit of humanity from his former self as he walks into what he suspects will be his final hours. It's not the drug kingpin Heisenberg that returns to say goodbye to the family he held hostage, it's the ghost of Walter White that looks Skyler in the eyes and admits that the whole drug operation was, indeed, for his own benefit.
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