ice cream Inside The Ice Cream Museum, The Delicious Exhibit Everyone Is Instagramming  

Mick Jacobs

In the video below, take a peak inside one of the happiest places on Earth. No, it's not Disney World, it's the Museum of Ice Cream, a traveling museum dedicated to the famous frozen dessert.

Created by Maryellis Bunn, the Museum of Ice Cream pops up all across the United States from Los Angeles to Miami, giving citizens a chance to learn about the sweeter side of history.

As it makes its way across the country, the museum also adds a few new features. The Miami location will boast a Neapolitan swing set and a wall made of freakin' waffle cones. Talk about a sugar rush.

But don't worry, the most beloved attraction, the sprinkle pool, will be there for you to take your Instas and boomerangs to share with your followers. Check out this amazing attraction in the video below.