Graveyard Shift

Mel's Hole Might Be Able To Revive Your Dead Pet—If It Even Exists  

Mick Jacobs

Imagine if a place where dead things rise again to walk the Earth existed in real life. Well, according to some paranormal experts, such a place allegedly exists in Washington state, and the video below explains its terrifying story.

The place in question is called Mel's Hole, a seemingly endless pit that defies the laws of physics. Originally called "the Devil's Hole," Mel's Hole gets its name from Mel Waters, a frequent AM radio caller who brought its "existence" to a larger audience.

According to legend, this bottomless pit existed for years, though the negative energy surrounding the hole caused the locals to avoid it. No one knows how the hole was formed or where it came from.

Of course, there's a downside to this creepy story: there's virtually no evidence that the hole exists. In fact, it's likely Mel Waters isn't even a real person. But why should that stop you from enjoying the legend of the Devil's Hole?