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This Fan Theory About The Night King And His New Dragon Is Blowing Up On Reddit

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Fans had predicted the coming of an ice dragon in Game of Thrones, but now that it's here, is this exactly what they had in mind? The Night King resurrected Viserion from an icy end, which made for a memorable final scene—but the rest of "Beyond the Wall" was heavily criticized by fans for its seeming illogical inconsistencies. However, a new set of theories could help explain some plot holes and redeem this episode as an all-time classic.

The Night King may be the most mysterious figure in Westeros, and naturally, there are dozens of Night King fan theories to consider when figuring him out. However, this latest act may have finally shed light on one of the Night King’s many abilities: predicting the future. It’s an ability that definitely exists in this universe, and the Night King having precognition provides "Beyond the Wall" with a far more sensible plotline. It also makes the Night King into an even more terrifying menace.

  • Why Did The Night King Wait To Kill Jon And The Others?

    Photo: Game of Thrones/HBO

    One of the things that made the least sense about the army of the dead’s standoff with Jon Snow and his companions was how ridiculously long it lasted. Although it’s difficult to say, Jon’s crew must have waited on that rock for at least a day, if not more, given the amount of traveling that Gendry, then the raven, then Daenerys needed to do.

    Throughout it all, the Night King just sort of sat there, even though he was festooned with long-range weapons and the ice had re-frozen. When the army of the dead finally attacked, it was mere minutes before Daenerys and her dragons showed up to save the day. This was mighty convenient for them—unless, as Reddit user deamonx12 theorizes, it was not a coincidence at all. In fact, the Night King was just waiting for the dragons to appear.

  • The Whole Battle Was Just An Elaborate Trap Set By The Night King

    Photo: Game of Thrones/HBO

    During "Beyond The Wall," Jon Snow and his companions found themselves stranded on a rock in the middle of a frozen lake, conveniently standing in the one spot north of the Wall where the army of the dead couldn't reach them. Unfortunately, it was also a type of prison from which they could not escape.

    Given that Jon’s party encountered a suspiciously vulnerable group of wights right next to the lake, Reddit user deamonx12 thinks that the Night King fully expected the group to end up on that rock, trapped until the dragons arrived. What seemed like an initial bit of good luck for Jon may have been well-planned ambush. 

  • The Location Of The Battle Appears To Have Been Pre-Scouted

    Photo: Game of Thrones/HBO

    If the Night King intended to trap Jon and his party until Daenerys could arrive, he picked the perfect location for it. In fact, he may have been scouting out that very area for months before Tyrion Lannister hatched his crazy scheme to kidnap a wight.

    Reddit user zetuga pointed out that Bran’s vision of the army of the dead earlier in the season appeared to show them gathering around that same frozen lake. The Night King may have been planning this trap for a very long time.

  • The Ice Javelins Were Clearly Dragon-Specific Weapons

    Photo: Game of Thrones/HBO

    The White Walkers have been seen with a number of icy weapons throughout Game of Thrones. They’ve had ice-swords and ice-spears, but they never had anything resembling a ranged weapon. It didn't appear to be their style.

    As reddit user Damisu points out, when the Night King busted out his dragon-slaying ice javelin, it was the first time the audience had seen such a weapon. Why would the Night King choose to bring those javelins to this particular fight? It only makes sense that he knew he would be facing some aerial opponents. He didn’t even attempt to throw the javelins at Jon and his crew, almost as if he were saving them for something.