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This Fan Theory About The Night King And His New Dragon Is Blowing Up On Reddit

Fans had predicted the coming of an ice dragon in Game of Thrones, but now that it's here, is this exactly what they had in mind? The Night King resurrected Viserion from an icy end, which made for a memorable final scene—but the rest of "Beyond the Wall" was heavily criticized by fans for its seeming illogical inconsistencies. However, a new set of theories could help explain some plot holes and redeem this episode as an all-time classic.

The Night King may be the most mysterious figure in Westeros, and naturally, there are dozens of Night King fan theories to consider when figuring him out. However, this latest act may have finally shed light on one of the Night King’s many abilities: predicting the future. It’s an ability that definitely exists in this universe, and the Night King having precognition provides "Beyond the Wall" with a far more sensible plotline. It also makes the Night King into an even more terrifying menace.