The Objects & Things We Become Attached to the Most

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Nothing sentient... so, nothing that has a real personality like an animal.
We all have things in our lives that we value more than others, and those things can be any thing. Do you find yourself unable to throw away or donate that old t-shirt because you just can't part with it? Do you feel camaraderie with certain appliances in your kitchen? What do you find yourself the most attached to? Vote on yours, and be sure to add something you see is missing.
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  • Photographs
    581 votes


  • A Gift from Your Mom
    356 votes

    A Gift from Your Mom

  • Your House
    478 votes

    Your House

  • A Gift from Your Dad
    422 votes

    A Gift from Your Dad

  • Your Childhood Home
    552 votes

    Your Childhood Home

  • Stuffed Animal
    506 votes

    Stuffed Animal