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Which Member Of 'The Office' Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated September 20, 2018 77.0k views12 items

The Office is pretty much everyone's favorite TV comedy. Fans still clamor for a reboot years after it went off the air. People nearly rioted when a rumor got out in 2017 that the NBC sitcom would be leaving Netflix. Everyone loves revisiting old episodes, discovering new stories from behind the scenes, and concocting crazy fan theories.

As with any beloved show, fans also spend plenty of time debating which character is most like them. Well, fear not, Dunder Mifflin heads, because there's an Office character for each zodiac sign. For those who are Parks and Recreation fans, too, now is the time to stop worrying about whether you're a Ron or a Jerry and start worrying about whether you're a Michael or a Toby.

  • Aries are confident, optimistic, and passionate. Just like Ryan, the average Aries is always looking for the next big thing and trying to take a leadership role. They may even fancy themselves a paper industry wunderkind, given their self-assurance.

    Aries can also be impatient, moody, and impulsive, and they hate not doing what they love. Basically, an Aries is great to have on your side when you're facing a challenge, but sometimes they bail if they're not into it - just ask Kelly Kapoor.

    • Tauruses are reliable and practical. Once they're on your side, they're on your side for life, just like when Pam decided she finally wanted to be with Jim, or when she committed to her job at Dunder Mifflin.

      Tauruses can also be stubborn and obsessive, like when Pam refused to break up with Roy no matter how bad of a boyfriend he was, or when she didn't want Jim to leave Scranton for his dream job. But while Tauruses aren't crazy about sudden or big changes, there's no one out there who's more devoted to what they love.

      • Geminis are gentle and affectionate, and they learn quickly. Like Kelly Kapoor, they're smart as a whip and endlessly fun to talk to at a party. They are always in the know when it comes to celebrity (or office) scandals, and they have no problem sharing the latest gossip at the watercooler.

        The only problem is they're indecisive, and maybe not the most reliable in a pinch. While Geminis hate being alone, they also can't be confined to repetition and routine. Just like Kelly, Geminis are going to do what they want.

        • Cancers are emotional, loyal, and imaginative. Like Phyllis, they might knit you a cute oven mitt or try to set you up with their friend. They like hobbies, and they love helping people. Like Phyllis and her husband, Bob, many Cancers may find themselves in a mostly private but strong relationship.

          Don't get on a Cancer's bad side, though. They can be pessimistic, suspicious, and manipulative. If you kick them off your party-planning committee, you may live to regret it.