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After nine seasons, conspiracy theories about NBC smash sitcom The Office began popping up. If you watched the series, you know the characters well enough to have been emotionally involved in their lives, so a fan theory about a character you’re fond of might hit you hard right in the feels. Without further ado, here are The Office fan theories that’ll shock, anger, and, maybe, emotionally destroy you.
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Toby Is the Scranton Strangler

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While the identity of the Scranton Strangler is eventually unveiled, one crazy fan theory believed by many suggests Toby was the killer. Remember that Toby disappeared to Costa Rica and returned a different person right when the killings started. He was also on the jury that convicted the killer, despite personal feeling that the man was innocent. There’s a detailed breakdown of this theory here - it’s a long read, but it makes a very convincing case that Toby was the Scranton Strangler.
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Jim and Pam Kissed Two Times on Casino Night

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In season two finale “Casino Night”, we see Jim kiss Pam. In season three premier “Gay Witch Hunt,” we flashback to that scene, but reddit user Primetime22 points out that it's different. In “Casino Night,” after kissing, Pam and Jim stare at each other, unsure what to do. In “Gay Witch Hunt,” the scene opens mid-kiss, and once the kiss finishes, Jim smiles and says "You have no idea how long I wanted to do that."

According to this fan theory, there's footage missing between the kisses - first Jim kisses Pam, then, after a pause, Pam kisses back. In season three, we come in on the second kiss. The theory is supported by season three episode 17, "Cocktails", in which Pam tells her fiance Roy she kissed Jim. 
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Stanley and Phyllis Had an Affair Before the Show Started

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Stanley and Phyllis did go way back. Redditor Doug_ thinks the two had an affair, and broke the concept down thusly:

"During Sexual Harassment', when Toby tells everyone that they must disclose all office romances to HR, Phyllis asks if one-night stands count.

Stanley has been known to cheat on his wives/spouses. Phyllis is very promiscuous. The two of them have always been very close.

Also, in 'The Merger', when Karen can't stand Phyllis' perfume, Stanley mentioned that he's sat downwind of her stinky perfumes for years. Stanley at one point may have enjoyed the perfume, but after the affair, the scent turned into a bad memory."

Another commenter points out that, in season two’s “Conflict Resolution”, there’s an exchange in which Phyllis says, “Stanley and I are close, too”, to which Stanley replies “We sit close.” Perhaps this is the “bitter cooings of ex-lovers”?
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Michael Scott Intentionally Plays The Fool

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Reddit user Youyouryours pitched the theory that Michael behaves the way he does for his own amusement, and to stave off the monotony of life at Dunder Mifflin. As per this theory, Michael meets up with buddies and regales them with stories of his ridiculous work life. Commenters point out a moment in an episode called “Murder,” in which the office’s staff play a murder mystery game, when Jim speaks out against the shenanigans. Michael replies, “No, you shut up. They need this game, Jim. Let us have this stupid little game, alright?” This would support the concept of Michael acting a fool simply to get himself, and the others, through the day.