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After nine seasons, conspiracy theories about NBC smash sitcom The Office began popping up. If you watched the series, you know the characters well enough to have been emotionally involved in their lives, so a fan theory about a character you’re fond of might hit you hard right in the feels. Without further ado, here are The Office fan theories that’ll shock, anger, and, maybe, emotionally destroy you.
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Creed Bratton Isn't Really Creed Bratton

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Creed Bratton is without a doubt one of The Office's more mysterious characters, with a whole slew of strange quotes and mishaps to choose from when trying to answer the question: "Who the heck is Creed Bratton?" Well, not Creed Bratton at all for starters, according to one Reddit user:

"Creed Bratton is not Creed Bratton. In one episode, he states that he transfers all of his debt to an account under the name William Charles Schneider. In another, he states that the last guy who stole from him was never seen again and his name was Creed Bratton. I propose that Creed's real name is William C. Schneider, and after a man named Creed Bratton stole from him, he killed him and took his name."

...And, if you remember the episode "Money" from season 4, Creed even flashes his real passport for the world to see - and it says "William Charles Schneider."

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Jim and Pam Kissed Two Times on Casino Night

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In season two finale “Casino Night”, we see Jim kiss Pam. In season three premier “Gay Witch Hunt,” we flashback to that scene, but reddit user Primetime22 points out that it's different. In “Casino Night,” after kissing, Pam and Jim stare at each other, unsure what to do. In “Gay Witch Hunt,” the scene opens mid-kiss, and once the kiss finishes, Jim smiles and says "You have no idea how long I wanted to do that."

According to this fan theory, there's footage missing between the kisses - first Jim kisses Pam, then, after a pause, Pam kisses back. In season three, we come in on the second kiss. The theory is supported by season three episode 17, "Cocktails", in which Pam tells her fiance Roy she kissed Jim. 
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Michael Has Serious Dad Issues And That's Why He Hates Toby - A Divorced Dad

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Sure, there are plenty of reasons why Michael probably hates Toby - he's depressed while Michael is somehow eternally optimistic to the point of being delusional, and as the HR representative in the office he's the only one who has any real control over Michael. However, according to one Reddit user by the name of Athena_Nikephoros, this hatred has much deeper roots.

"Sure, he says its because Toby is from HR, but if we look at all the stuff Michael gets away with, it's clear that Toby isn't ever coming down on him as hard as he could. As the corporate HR rep, Toby could have gotten Michael fired literally dozens of times.

My theory is that Michael's parents divorced when he was young, and he now channels his anger and feelings of abandonment towards Toby, who is a divorced father. Michael has no sense of subtlety or nuance, and so doesn't see that Toby is a far better father and human being than his own dad."

Fans can see this play out first hand in the episode where Michael has to sit through six hours of mandatory counseling, courtesy of Toby. He is openly hostile toward Toby until he is tricked into playing board games and slowly begins to open up - and what does he talk about? His daddy issues, no less. 

To add fuel to the fire, Toby also represents Michael's worst nightmare: a lonely, divorced father who rarely gets to see his kid. After all, all Michael really wants is to have a family and be happy.

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Toby Is the Scranton Strangler

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While the identity of the Scranton Strangler is eventually unveiled, one crazy fan theory believed by many suggests Toby was the killer. Remember that Toby disappeared to Costa Rica and returned a different person right when the killings started. He was also on the jury that convicted the killer, despite personal feeling that the man was innocent. There’s a detailed breakdown of this theory here - it’s a long read, but it makes a very convincing case that Toby was the Scranton Strangler.
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