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Insane Fan Theories About 'The Office' That'll Blow Your Mind

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With nine seasons to work with, fans of the NBC smash sitcom The Office have come up with plenty of conspiracy theories. If you watched the series, you might know the characters well enough to be emotionally involved in their lives, so a fan theory about one of your favorites might hit you right in the feels. Here are some fan theories about The Office that may shock, anger, and maybe even emotionally destroy you.

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    Roy Cheated On Pam... With Angela

    This theory may sound a little far-fetched to even the most seasoned fans of The Office. But several scenes throughout the series hint at a mutual attraction - and possibly more - between Roy and Angela (Angela Kinsey).

    From Redditor /u/flaming_muffins

    Here’s the evidence seen directly in the show:

    • In the episode “The Fire” (s2e14) Roy says he’d hook up with Angela in the game “Who would you do?” showing that he has attraction towards her.

    • In the episode “Casino Night” (s2ep22), Michael is opening the casino as Lady Fortune and he says “Old friends! New lovers!” and then there’s a shot of Roy and Angela sharing glances at each other (sort of the “let’s hook up” kind of glance). Then later in that episode, before Jim shares his feeling for Pam, we see Roy take off early from the casino night. Where was he going? To go hook up with Angela! Now I know this is stretching it but it makes sense given all of the rest of the evidence.

    • In the episode 'Cocktails' (s3ep18) you can briefly hear audio of Roy asking everybody at the bar if they want a drink and you can hear Angela saying something like, 'Oh, no thank you Roy, I’m…' This line on its own doesn’t mean much but its more the way she says it that interests me. She sounds very flustered, the way a girl talking their crush sounds.

    • In the same episode, when Pam says that she wants no secrets between her and Roy, Roy instantly becomes defensive and says that he totally could have done something (implying an affair) but he didn’t. The way he says this is definitely suspicious and is absolutely not convincing that he is innocent of an affair[...]

    • In the episode 'The Negotiation' (s3ep19) Angela has more of her flustered speaking when Roy comes to get his last paycheck. She calls him 'very strong' and Kevin snickers in the background (maybe Kevin knew about the affair, the way he knows about Oscar’s affair later on in the show).

    Now let’s consider Angela’s role in all of this:

    First off, we know that Angela is not shy when it comes to having multiple lovers at once. She cheated on Andy with Dwight, cheated on the senator with Dwight, and also mentioned two people named John dueling over her when she was 'living in Ohio' (s5ep18). We also know that Angela has a strong hatred for Pam. This is seen countless times throughout the show. I believe this hatred might be because Roy chose to remain engaged to Pam, basically choosing Pam over her. She might have felt that without Pam, she could have had a stronger relationship with Roy.

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    Everyone In The Office Wants To Be Famous

    Video: YouTube

    There could be a very good reason everyone at Dunder Mifflin acts like a crazy person: it's not because they're legitimately insane, but because they all want more camera time with the documentary crew.

    Even if they don't know when the series will ever air, they believe they can be stars.

    From Redditor /u/Burnnoticelover

    Kelly wanted to be a Kardashian style megastar, so she manufactured drama with Ryan.

    Ryan tried to evolve with the times, first trying to be another Jim, then trying to be a rich, stylish New Yorker, and then becoming a hipster once that phenomenon set in.

    Kevin realized that the doc crew loved his "stupid funny" moments, Stanley found out they laugh at his apathy, and Andy became nice to try to be a protagonist rather than a villain, then (mistakenly) assumed they liked jerk Andy better. The other employees either didn't want to waste time trying to be famous, like Oscar, or didn't realize what was going on around them, like Dwight.

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    Michael Scott Intentionally Plays The Fool

    Video: YouTube

    Can Michael Scott really be as dumb as he seems? There's a theory that Michael behaves the way he does just for his own amusement, and to stave off the monotony of life at a mid-level paper company.

    From Redditor /u/Youyouryours

    I like to watch The Office from the perspective that every night after work, Michael meets up with his buddies at the bar and entertains everyone with stories of his crazy behavior. By watching it from this perspective Jim comes off as the smug loser and Michael's the cool guy, so cool that he's comfortable being laughed at, as long as it makes his job fun. There aren't too many moments that suggest this but he was the best salesperson for years and his numbers must be good because he keeps his job through all the downsizing. I also like to think he plays the fool to unite the staff in laughing at him.

    There's this awesome moment in Season 4, episode 7 where Michael is comforting Jim for screwing up being a manager and he pulls out the, "that's what she said." Anyway, Jim looks at him and says, "that's what who says?" Michael then looks at him in all earnestness and says something like, "I don't know. I never know. I say things like that to lighten the tension, when things get hard."

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    Kevin Is A Maniacal Genius Who Manipulates The Office Out Of Boredom

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    Is Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) just trolling everyone? This theory stems from the fact that Kevin started out as a regular guy but gradually became dumber, then seemed to be relatively smart in the end.

    From Redditor /u/dymphnawolf

    Over the series, Kevin went from a normal dude to a complete moron. But by the end, he's running a bar and it looks like it's in good shape. If Kevin was as dumb as he seems, it would have likely already failed or been on the way to doing so.

    He originally applied to work at the warehouse but Michael saw something in him and put him in accounting, where he somehow stayed for at least a decade.

    My theory is that Kevin got bored and decide to f*ck with people. He put on this act and just ran with it. Maybe he became the mask a bit. Towards the end, Nellie said that she thought she would get more screen time as a villain. Kevin's thought process was the same, only he decided to play the fool. He thinks Angela and Oscar are pretentious and it's funny to mess with them. But he does like them, so he doesn't mess up enough to ruin too much.

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