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Super Subtle ‘The Office’ Jokes Michael Scott Would Never Catch

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While rewatching The Office, it’s likely that you’ve noticed new jokes and references that you didn’t see on your first viewing. The series is one of the densest pieces of comedy of the 20th century, and no matter how much of a super fan you are, there are a lot of The Office jokes you missed. More than cheap laughs, these hidden jokes add to the show’s emotional and comic depth. 

It's likely that no one will ever find all of the jokes hidden in each episode of this landmark NBC show, but it's fun to try and pick out all of the underhanded additions to the show.  Whether it’s Michael referencing an infamous piece of Nazi propaganda, or Stanley enjoying the freedom of Florida, there are definitely a lot of jokes from The Office that went over your head. 

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    When Creed Steals Dwight's Gun

    Season 7, episode 23: "Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager"

    Following Michael's departure from Dunder Mifflin, Dwight takes over as the acting branch manager, which of course means that he's laying down law and order. The moment he's given a small amount of power, he starts wearing a holstered six-shooter on his belt. The biggest joke comes when Dwight accidentally fires a hole in the office wall, but there's a quick moment where Creed lifts the side arm straight from Dwight's desk - something that even major fans of the show can (and did) miss. 

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    When Edward R. Meow Makes An Appearance

    Season 2, episode 18: "Take Your Daughter To Work Day"

    The best storylines with Michael Scott often tread the border of sad and funny, but the reveal that Michael does everything he does because he just wants to have friends is especially depressing. 

    When he shows a video of the one time he was on TV, on a local children's show called Fundle Bundle, his coworkers and their kids see a show that's hosted by a puppet named Edward R. Meow. Younger viewers of The Office probably didn't catch that this is a reference to Edward R. Murrow, a famous CBS radio journalist during WWII.

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    When Michael Puts Sugar In His Soda

    Season 5, episode 10: "The Surplus" 

    In "The Surplus," Michael tells his employees that they have to figure out how to spend the Scranton branch's surplus or they're going to have their budget cut the following year. While everyone argues about what would be the best way to spend their money, Michael gets frustrated and goes to the break room where he cracks open a diet soda and pours in a hefty amount of pure white sugar. Maybe that's why he's so amped all the time.

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    When Erin Turns Her Head As Dwight Pretends To Shoot Toby

    Season 6, episode 25: "The Chump"

    Michael upsets everyone by saying that if he had a side arm with two bullets and he was alone in a room with Hitler, Toby, and Osama Bin Laden, he would fire on Toby twice. Afterward, Dwight shows everyone how he would fire on all three of them with a single projectile. Before Dwight pulls the trigger, Erin turns her head as if she's about to actually witness the act. 

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