Super Subtle ‘The Office’ Jokes Michael Scott Would Never Catch

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While rewatching The Office, it’s likely that you’ve noticed new jokes and references that you didn’t see on your first viewing. The series is one of the densest pieces of comedy of the 20th century, and no matter how much of a super fan you are, there are a lot of The Office jokes you missed. More than cheap laughs, these hidden jokes add to the show’s emotional and comic depth. 

It's likely that no one will ever find all of the jokes hidden in each episode of this landmark NBC show, but it's fun to try and pick out all of the underhanded additions to the show.  Whether it’s Michael referencing an infamous piece of Nazi propaganda, or Stanley enjoying the freedom of Florida, there are definitely a lot of jokes from The Office that went over your head. 

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    Michael Uses His Own Brand Of Salad Dressing

    Season 4, episode 2: "Dunder Mifflin Infinity" 

    Michael Scott loves to brand himself, from his film company to his "business book," but one branding opportunity that's a real blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment occurs in the beginning of Season 4 when Michael has lunch with Jan at his desk. If you look closely, you'll see that Michael is using salad dressing from a jar labeled "Great Scott." 

    Aside from featuring his personal brand, the label also has his face on it like the famous Paul Newman salad dressings. The dressing is actually a callback to a deleted scene from "Fun Run," where Michael compares himself to Paul Newman. 

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    When Dwight Grows A Beet At His Desk

    Season 6, episode 19: "St. Patrick's Day"

    Season 6's "St. Patrick's Day" episode is full of quick moments that are made for rewatching. One hilarious piece of set dressing is on Dwight's desk. Everyone knows he's a beet farmer and that he mixes his two professions from time to time, but look closely and you'll see that he's growing a beet on his desk under a heat lamp. 

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    When Michael Puts An Italian Flag On His Desk On St. Patrick's Day

    Season 6, episode 19: "St. Patrick's Day"

    During the last day of Jo's time at the Scranton office, everyone is just trying to get to a bar to grab a drink with Todd Packer. Michael tries to bring a piece of St. Patrick's Day to the office but he proves his inadequacy by placing an Italian flag on his desk instead of an Irish flag. 

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    When Michael References ‘Triumph Of The Will’

    Season 4, episode 9: "Local Ad" 

    When Dunder Mufflin pays for a series of local commercials, they bring in some directors to film a few seconds with the Scranton branch. Michael kicks them out and decides to film his own version of the commercial, which leads to shenanigans galore. At one point, while he yells about the ad to Meredith in the parking lot, he tosses off the phrase "triumph of the will" without realizing that he's referencing a Nazi propaganda movie.