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21 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by The Office

The staff at Dunder-Mifflin stole hearts across America in nine seasons of laugh-out-loud, awkwardly dry comedy. You might want to check out insane The Office fan theories and the greatest pranks Jim pulled on Dwight. Fans fell in love with the Jim and Pam saga and Dwight's neurotic confidence. They fell in love with the grumpy, crossword playing Stanley and the dull, candy-loving Kevin. They even fell for Michael, a man whose superpower is making other people cringe and feel really, really uncomfortable. But some people love the cast of The Office more than others... enough to get these The Office inspired tattoos inked on their limbs for life. 

What would Dwight Schrute say if he knew people were getting his face tattooed on various body parts? Probably something smug about inferiors or mere mortals following the path of their true hero. After looking really satisfied and accomplished, his talking head would mutter something simple and sassy to the camera crew, like, "idiots" or, "minions."

Getting someone else's face tattooed on your body is a huge commitment. And The Office tattoos listed below are way too detailed and complex to be drunken decisions. These pieces probably take several hours! That's a long time to contemplate if you should really be getting a portrait of Kevin's face on your calf. Other Office fans went with a more tame Office tattoo, like a Dundie, or that fan-favorite line "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica."

How much do you love The Office? Would you ever get one of these tattoos inspired by The Office? These crazy cats honed in on their favorite television sitcom characters and committed to a lifelong relationship with Michael, Kevin, Jim, or Dwight. Vote up the Office tattoo ideas you think are the best!

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    Jim or Dwight or... Jimwight?

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    Imitation Is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

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    Keep Your Dundie Close Forever and Ever

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    "The Worst Thing About Prison Was the Dementors." -Prison Mike

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