The Omen Is One Of The Most Cursed Film Productions Ever - And Some Believe Satan Is Behind It

Of all the world's cursed film productions, The Omen is considered to have one of the worst movie curses of all time. The 1976 film tells the story of a man who accidentally adopts the Antichrist as his son and the movie remains one of horror's most successful franchises. But what was so odious about the set that led producers to believe the devil was punishing them for making the movie? Is The Omen really cursed?

The Omen followed in the footsteps of two of the most successful horror films of the 1970s and hoped to use the popularity of those films to attract audiences. Producers should have been warned that they were also film sets that were haunted: in the end, the Rosemary's Baby curse and the curse of The Exorcist may have not only given The Omen their desirable audiences, but also their forsaken curses. 

The Omen film set haunting includes death, injury, and lots of lightning bolts: after all, the creator himself warned the cast and crew that Satan wasn't going to like what they were doing. Here's what happened behind the scenes of The Omen movie and why, despite its several sequels and a 2006 remake, it remains one of history's movies that indeed may have angered Satan himself.