mysteries What Happened To "Orange Socks," And Why Did The Wrong Serial Killer Admit To Strangling Her?  

Mick Jacobs

There exists a possible worse fate than being the victim of a serial killer: being the unknown victim of a serial killer. In the video below, one such Jane Doe continues to perplex law enforcement to this day.

This is the chilling case of "Orange Socks," an unidentified woman found dead on a Texas road on Halloween 1979. Entirely naked except for the orange socks on her feet, the corpse apparently bore the signs of strangulation.

Despite years of investigation and countless theories, authorities cannot make sense of who she was, who killed her, or why. Any leads they chase turn up cold; even the confessions they've received come from unreliable sources.

For the time being, this unfortunate victim will remain known only by the last pieces of clothing she wore. Check out the video below to hear the still-open story of Orange Socks.