The Paperboy Movie Quotes

"The Paperboy" movie quotes narrate a dark drama film that follows a newspaper writer tasked with exonerating a South Florida man accused on killing a sheriff. The film noir, directed by "Precious" mastermind Lee Davis, is based on a Pete Dexter novel of the same name and earned praise when it first debuted at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

In "The Paperboy," Nicole Kidman plays Charlotte Bless, a sultry blonde who seeks out staff from the Miami Times to help her prove that her fiance, violent swamp-dweller Hillary Van Wetter (John Cusack), was framed for the murder of a sheriff. With evidence in hand, Charlotte arrives on the home of Ward and Jack Jansen (Matthew McConaughey and Zac Efron, respectively) with the hopes that Ward, an investigative journalist, Jack, a paperboy, and Yardley (David Oyelowo) Ward's associate, can help her free Hillary from prison.

As Ward and Yardley dive into the case by reviewing the evidence and testimony and talking with Hillary, Jack on the other hand falls into love with Charlotte. But as the group becomes closer to one another, viewers are left wondering if Charlotte's seduction of Jack was for other reasons than just help with Hillary's legal troubles.

Opening in limited release in October 5, 2012, "The Paperboy" joins the early fall 2012 movie season which also includes titles such as "End of Watch, "Dredd 3D," "Lawless," "Resident Evil: Retribution," "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," "Trouble with the Curve," "The Master," "The Words," and "The Inbetweeners."

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    We Are Going To Fight This

    We Are Going To Fight This
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    Jack: "This here is Miss Charlotte Bless."
    Charlotte: "Oh, not for long. Hillary and I are engaged to be married. Everything you need to know about Hillary Van Wetter that's been in the papers is here in these boxes. Now and our exciting correspondences is in the bottom box. I really just want to thank you for helping me get Hillary out of that hell hole."
    Ward: "Well I wouldn't go booking that honeymoon just yet."
    Charlotte: "Oh"
    Ward: "But we are going to fight his sentence in the way it came about."

    Upon delivering the Jansens boxes of evidence to help get her beloved Hillary out of prison, Charlotte expects the process to be quick and painless. Though Ward vows to get to the bottom of the case, he reminds her that it is not that simple.
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    Sweating Like a Pregnant Nun

    Sweating Like a Pregnant Nun
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    Charlotte: "Quick, we're going to be late. Did you get the marriage license? I can't believe we're doing this."
    Yardley: "F***! Jack, go and knock on the door again. There she is. Oh baby!"
    Ward: "Good morning, Miss Bless."
    Yardley: "Look at Daisy May."
    Charlotte: "Morning"
    Ward: "You look just fine."
    Charlotte: "Hope he likes it. Uh, would you mind putting up the windows? It's gonna mess my hair."
    Yardley: "Are you serious? I'm sweating like a pregnant nun back here. Unbelievable!"

    While waiting in the hot car for Charlotte, the men have very different things on their mind. Young Jack is daydreaming about his love for Charlotte while Yardley can only think about the unbearable heat.
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    They Gonna Save You

    They Gonna Save You
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    Guard: "You got 15 minutes. No physical contact of any kind. No tape recorders. No object may be passed to the prisoner. I'll be right outside this door."
    Ward: "Mr. Van Wetter, my name is Ward Jansen. This is my associate Yardley Acheman."
    Hillary: "You look like you're pitching."
    Charlotte: "I do? Thank you."
    Hillary: "These your paperboys?"
    Charlotte: "Mmm hmm"
    Hillary: "What they going to do for us?"
    Charlotte: "They gonna save you."

    Hoping that the men can get her fiance off the hook for a murder he allegedly didn't commit, Charlotte brings Ward, Jack and Yardley to meet with Hillary, explaining to him her belief that they can fix this all up.
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    They Come and They Go

    They Come and They Go
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    Anita: "You meet anybody new up there in Miami?"
    Ward: "I met a few."
    Anita: "Oh yeah"
    Ward: "All types down there, you know?"
    Anita: "You stay away from those rough ones. You remember what happened the last time."
    Ward: "How are your kids?"
    Anita: "You look beautiful, baby. Oh, they're doing good. They're doing really good. I'm, as soon as I get out of here I'll go see them and make dinner all over again. You should come to our dinner too."
    Ward: "I'll come to that dinner."
    Anita: "I think Allen is maybe number four since you left. That's why I don't take them b****** too seriously you know? They come and they go. You know what I mean?"

    As Ward and Anita speak briefly in Ward's kitchen, viewers are given a hint at their relationship which seems to have one been romantic but now is more of a friendship and working relationship.
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    I'm Your Mercy

    I'm Your Mercy
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    Ward: "Forensic report says that the sheriff was stabbed between two and three a.m."
    Hillary: "Yep. Like I told you, I was with my uncle Tyree doing lawn work in Almonpecia at the time."
    Ward: "Lawn work?"
    Hillary: "Yes, sir"
    Ward: "You mean stealing?"
    Hillary: "Yes, sir, stealing salt off a golf course. You know developers pay through the teeth for that s***. We sold it, we didn't even make it back to the river till sunrise."
    Ward: "What kind of developers?"
    Hillary: "Condominiums, man"
    Ward: "You got a name?"
    Hillary: "No I don't."
    Ward: "The evidence say they found the sheriff's body at six a.m. but it was the way he was killed, that's what makes everyone assume it was you."
    Hillary: "What you think?"
    Ward: "You tell me."
    Hillary: "Well I ain't the only one carrying a machete around here."
    Ward: "True. The deputies went to Tyree's house. He said that he'd been sleeping in bed all night and had a bunch of family members there to confirm it. Then they go to your house where they find the blood-stained shirt and the knife."
    Hillary: "Yeah, all right, listen to me. Every knife and shirt that I own is stained in blood. It's what I do for a living. I'm gutting alligators for they skin. OK, I was a bachelor. I didn't have nobody do my laundry. Here you prolly got somebody to do your laundry."
    Ward: "What you think?"
    Hillary: "Bet you do. They never matched the blood to the sheriff did they?"
    Ward: "Tell me to find Tyree."
    Hillary: "The arms of mercy are so wide. They will accept any man. But they will not accept any man wearing pants. Where is my woman? Where is my woman?"
    Ward: "The only one you need to talk to right now is me, baby."
    Hillary: "You're the only one you need to talk to?"
    Ward: "I'm the only one. I'm your mercy. I'm your arms wide open. I'm your pants."
    Hillary: "The boy's in charge!"

    Meeting with Hillary in prison, Ward tries to get a better understanding of the case by asking Hillary for his side of the story. Hillary seems to have answers for everything but he's also talking some nonsense as well.
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    I've Got Another Side

    I've Got Another Side
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    Jack: "You don't love him."
    Charlotte: "You don't know that. Hillary ain't so bad and I'm not so good. I've got another side."

    While Jack is clearly in love with Charlotte, Charlotte on the other hand is not quite ready to leave her Hillary for Jack and tries to convince Jack that she is not the woman of his dreams as he thinks.
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