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The Post movie quotes help recreate the drama in the film about the Washington Post's decision whether or not to publish government secrets found in the Pentagon Papers. Steven Spielberg directed the movie using a screenplay Liz Hannah and Josh Singer adapted from true events. The Post had a wide release in theaters in the United States on January 12, 2018.

In The Post, it's 1971 and The New York Times has just published information from the Pentagon Papers, which provided evidence that the US Government had lied to the public and Congress about attacks made in the Vietnam War. But after The Times is sued and stopped from further reporting, those at the Washington Post step in.

After Ben Bagdikian (Bob Odenkirk) receives a portion of the Papers, editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks) pushes publisher Kay Graham (Meryl Streep) to print the information within. But all involved realize the consequences of publishing or not publishing the information, up to and including life imprisonment. To intensify things, Graham is facing backlash from many as being unsuitable for making the choice, being the first female newspaper publisher. 

Also starring Sarah Paulson, Bradley Whitford, Tracy Letts, Carrie Coon, Bruce Greenwood and many others, The Post joined theaters already buzzing about other great movies including Bright, Ferdinand, Coco, and Call Me By Your Name.  

  • I Think That's Brave
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    I Think That's Brave

    Tony Bradlee: To make this decision, to risk her fortune and the company that’s been her entire life, well I think that’s brave.

    Ben Bradlee's wife, Tony, adds her opinion of WaPo publisher Kay Graham in this The Post movie quote. She thinks Kay is incredibly brave to risk all she has to do the right thing.

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  • The Way They Lied, Those Days Have to Be Over
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    The Way They Lied, Those Days Have to Be Over

    Ben Bradlee: The Times has 7,000 pages detailing how the White House has been lying about the Vietnam War for 30 years.
    Ben Bradlee: The way they lied, those days have to be over.

    Ben Bradlee lays out the situation he finds himself in which is also the plot of the film. As he explains in these The Post movie quotes, evidence of a government coverup of the Vietnam War is in the hands of the press. 

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  • Nixon Will Muster the Full Power of the Presidency
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    Nixon Will Muster the Full Power of the Presidency

    Robert McNamara: Nixon will muster the full power of the presidency and if there’s a way to destroy you, by God, he’ll find it!
    Kay Graham: I’m asking your advice, Bob, not your permission.

    Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara advises Kay Graham against publishing the classified information. Unfortunately for Bob, Kay isn't really interested in much Bob has to say.

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  • What Are You Going to Do, Mrs. Graham?
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    What Are You Going to Do, Mrs. Graham?

    Fritz Beebe: She can’t do this. The legacy of the company is at stake.
    Ben Bradlee: What will happen if we don’t publish? We will lose! The country will lose!
    Ben Bradlee: What are you going to do, Mrs. Graham?

    With varying opinions coming in as to what Kay Graham should do, it's time for her to make a decision. Accordingly, Ben Bradlee asks for her verdict in these The Post movie quotes.

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  • If We Don't Hold Them Accountable, Who Will?
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    If We Don't Hold Them Accountable, Who Will?

    Fritz Beebe: If the government wins, The Washington Post will cease to exist.
    Ben Bradlee: If we don’t hold them accountable, who will?
    Kay Graham: We can’t hold them accountable if we don’t have a newspaper.

    As Fritz Beebe points out, if the US Government wins the suit about publishing the Pentagon Papers, the newspaper could be done. It's an intense situation where they need to hold the government accountable in their newspaper but may not have a newspaper if they do.

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  • Exposing Years of Government Secrets
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    Exposing Years of Government Secrets

    Fritz Beebe: We’re talking about exposing years of government secrets.
    Runner: Is that legal?
    Ben Bradlee: What is it you think we do here for a living, kid?

    Attorney Fritz Beebe points out the legal ramifications of the newspaper publishing the Pentagon Papers in these The Post movie quotes. While some, like the runner, don't know about the legalities, Ben Bradlee is more focused on his drive to bring the truth to the people.

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