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Everything We Know About The President's Book Of Secrets

Updated 14 Jun 2019 383.9k views13 items

As one of the most powerful leaders in the world, the president of the United States commands a nuclear arsenal, the world's largest military, and potentially controversial classified intelligence. But what's inside the Presidential Book of Secrets?  Does it even exist?

President Obama confirmed the existence of "deep secrets" while he was in office, but the nature of those secrets is a source of constant debate. Conspiracy theorists argue there's an actual book handed from president to president containing the truth about JFK's assassination, alien life, and the moon landing, among other secrets. But most scholars and skeptics dismiss the book as an invention fueled by pop culture with movies like National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Did spymaster and alleged secret society member George Washington start the tradition of handing down secrets so explosive only the president could read them? Do all modern presidents spend part of their first 100 days learning about secret CIA plots and hidden stores of gold? How much do we know about the president's book of secrets?

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