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15 Small Details From The Prestige That Made Us Do A Double Take

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Christopher Nolan has gifted us with a slew of stunning imagination tickling films, but The Prestige always manages to stick out. From a noteworthy cast, including a few Nolan regulars, and David Bowie as Nikola Tesla, to a twist ending so good, we still think about it to this day. The Prestige managed to capture our attention and prove just how cut-throat the world of magic can really be. A few eagle-eyed fans managed to spot some small details that we definitely didn't notice the first time we watched.

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    The Opening Shot Of 'The Prestige' Actually Spells Out The Film's Central Conflict

    From Reddior u/egoshoppe:

    In The Prestige, the opening shot is of identical copies of Angier's top hat in a glade, followed by a shot of caged canaries in Borden's workshop. Thus the film's central conflict is spelled out: Clones vs. Twins.

    From Redditor u/outlaw7:

    Borden also tells us the secret to his trick in his opening lines " We were two young magicians at the beginning of our career, we never meant to hurt anyone" It's assumed he's talking about himself and Angier, but he's talking about himself and his twin.

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    Angier Removed His Wedding Ring Each Night So Whoever Left That Evening Would Have It

    From Redditor u/teaqualizer:

    In The Prestige,Angier removed his wedding ring before performing the trick each night. That way the man that left the theatre that evening, original or duplicate, at least had the original wedding ring.

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    The Plot Twist Is Actually Spoiled In An Early Scene

    From Redditor u/jonbristow:

    In The Prestige, when Alfred and Sarah first meet, he shows her son the "disappearing bird" trick. The boy starts crying, whimpering "he killed it!" When Alfred brings the bird back, the boy asks, "where's his brother?" Alfred laughs.  The boy not only figured out his trick, but also foreshadows the main plot twists of the film.

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    No One Gave Julia CPR Because It Hadn't Been Invented Yet

    From Redditor u/FunkyMonkeyBreath:

    In the move The Prestige, in the scene when Julia dies no one performs CPR because it wasn't invented until the 1950s, meanwhile the move takes place in the late 1800s.

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