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Here's What Happened To Everyone From 'The Princess Bride'

The Princes Bride was released in 1987, and yet decades later it remains one of the most beloved and most-quoted films of all time. You could say it’s almost “inconceivable” for someone to not like this movie. Rob Reiner directed the fantasy classic, which was based off William Goldman’s book of the same name. All The Princess Bride characters are compelling, and the entire film is a pleasure to watch again and again, but what has happened to the cast in the years since the film was released?

A few were already at the peak of their fame when they signed on to do the movie, while, for one actor, the movie helped launch a wildly successful career that is still going strong today. Sadly, a couple of these actors are no longer with us. Fortunately their legacy will be remembered, along with all the actors who starred in The Princess Bride, in the hearts and minds of all who’ve seen this fantastic film.