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The Punisher's Best Villains & Enemies

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The Punisher has one of the most unique and diverse rosters of villains in all of comics. This is in part because he's an antihero so he's got both sides gunning for him. Some of his foes include Marvel's greatest heroes like Daredevil and Wolverine. Heck, in the Punisher's first appearance ever he was trying to kill the Amazing Spider-Man!  

Then there are the actual villains he contends with, like Jigsaw and Bullseye. Beyond that, his villains spread out between the mob world (The Russian, Kingpin, and Ma Gnucci) all the way to the supernatural (Jack O'Lantern, Blackheart etc). His foes are on both sides of the grounded reality end of comics all the way through to the out there realms.  

This wide array of villains leads to quite the roster. Vote up your favorite enemies of The Punisher below!