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The Real Benefits of Meditation

Updated September 18, 2017 6 items

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People often tout the benefits of meditation, but this list delves into the research behind the practice.

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    You Won't Be So Stressed Out

    We have all experienced the "fight-or-flight" response at some pointin our lives. It's the psysiological mechanism that floods our body with hormones during times of stress. Unfortunately, that stress can flare up on the daily, despite the fact that as humans we are no longer fighting for our lives but rather dealing with commutes, emails, bosses, and bills. This type of stress increases your heart rate and makes your body do a whole lot of extra work for no reason.


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      You're Less Likely to Be Depressed

      By spending some time each day focusing on the present moment and eschewing thoughts of the past or future, you will inevitably be happier. When you meditate you are constantly trying to get to a place without thoughts. This allows you to notice each thought as it passes, even the negative ones. Becoming aware of your own thoughts can really help to put things in perspective. In addition, numerous studies have concluded that meditation actually increases serotonin and norepinephrine, the same neurotransmitters that are boosted by anti-depressant drugs.

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        You Will Sleep Better

        If you're like me, you've probably stayed awake in bed for hours by the white light of your phone. This usually leads to daytime tiredness and general fatigue if it becomes a habit. Meditation has been proven to help individuals with insomnia by increasing the relaxation state and enhancing REM sleep and melatonin levels. This means that your body is getting better rest during sleep, which will leave you feeling more energized.

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          You Will Be More Focused

          It's no secret that top CEO's have joined the meditation bandwagon, and for good reason. Daily meditation has been shown to improve concentration, which can help with the endless multitasking of modern life.