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The Real Origin Story Of The Venom Symbiote Is Much More Complicated Than You Think

Updated 18 Oct 2019 72.2k views14 items

Most Marvel Comics fans assume they know the gist of Venom’s backstory, but the character's origin is more complicated than many readers realize. Venom's gooey black costume is actually an alien symbiote known as a Klyntar, and it needs to form a symbiotic relationship with a host body to thrive.

It isn’t until this particular symbiote pairs up with Eddie Brock that the symbiotic fusion takes on the name “Venom,” but Brock is far from its first host. The Venom symbiote had a lengthy series of adventures and partners before encountering Peter Parker - or any other Earthling - and the entire tale of the Klyntar race is one that goes back billions of years. 

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