Weird History The Real-Life Inspiration For Mowgli In The Jungle Book Was A Feral Child Raised By Wolves  

Samantha Dillinger

Everyone knows the story of The Jungle Book, but most do not know the boy who likely provided inspiration for Mowgli. Raised by wolves, Dina Sanichar is the real-life Mowgli you never learned about in school, and the video below tells his story.

During the late 1800s, Sanichar lived in the forests of India alongside his canine companions. When hunters came across him in 1867, they found him walking on all fours with another member of the pack.

The hunters decided to bring Sanichar back to society, a decision that only made his short life much worse. Having grown up around animals, Sanichar struggled to live in the human world, never fully adapting to it.

His story reads as much more somber than Mowgli's, but Mowgli's tale is fiction after all. Watch the video below to learn the real-life, and really tragic, story of the real Mowgli.