Graveyard Shift Must Watch: The Terrifying Story Of A Woman Who Died From A Mysterious Fever And Rose From The Dead  

Kellie Kreiss

For many, the subject of zombies is limited to discussions of Halloween costumes and watching hit television shows depicting the insatiable appetite of the undead hordes. 

For many Haitians, it's all too real and far more common than many would expect thanks to what is referred to as a zombification ritual. While American popular culture applies pseudo-scientific explanations for fictional zombies, Haitian beliefs on the subject tend towards the supernatural, as shown by this ritual.

Most commonly carried out in secret by a bokor, or Voodoo sorcerer, the ritual leaves the recently deceased at the beck and call of the bokor, who can resurrect and command the zombified individual to do whatever he or she commands them to do. 

In the case of one woman who has only been referred to as F.I., she appeared an unsettling three years after her funeral ceremony, apparently having escaped from the control of her bokor and been left to wander around the village she once called home.

What actually happened to her? Watch the video to find out - no crossbow required!