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Reasons We're Sure We Haven't Seen the Last of Catelyn Stark  

Lisa Waugh
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Nymeria fished these SPOILERS out of the Green Fork, so take heed...
Is Catelyn Stark really dead? We’re thinking maybe not. Season 6 has landed Jaime Lannister at Riverrun. Brienne has been sent there by Sansa. Catelyn Stark’s killer, Black Walder Rivers, is there with his brother and Talisa Stark’s killer, Lothar Frey.   
Catelyn’s brother has never recognized the new regime in King’s Landing and is giving the Freys and Lannisters the siege finger. This would be a good time to see a resurrected Lady Stoneheart pop up from the moat and gurgle, “Surprise!” in Jaime Lannister’s face.   
We need to see Catelyn Stark resurrected as Lady Stoneheart because Littlefinger needs to answer for all of his mess, especially handing Sansa over to Ramsay. The Freys need to get it because they killed Robb right in front of Cat and they are an awful bunch in general. Plus, just look at poor Edmure. He didn't get to have a good time with his new hot wife Roslin Frey. He’s been in a cell since the Red Wedding. He could definitely use a hug from his undead sister. Unfortunately, Lady Stoneheart isn’t the hugging type.
The biggest clue that Lady Stoneheart on Game of Thrones is going to happen comes from the actor who plays Lem Lemoncloak. Jóhannes Haukur tweeted that we’ll see him in episode eight, included a link to an article about the return of Lady Stoneheart, and proved that he didn’t read that really thick NDA HBO gave him.   
Oh, and Michelle Fairley (Catelyn/Stoneheart) was spotted in Belfast last year during filming.    
If all of these things are in place and there ISN’T a Lady Stoneheart appearance, things will be kicked. Words will be shouted. Tweets will be tweeted. Unless Arya wears her mother's face and sends the Lannisters her mother’s regards...
Who Is Lady Stoneheart and Why Is She So Mad?
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In a nutshell, she’s the reanimated corpse of Catelyn Stark, who was killed at the Red Wedding.  
Let’s look back at the Red Wedding for a second:  
Even though Catelyn tells Robb not to defy Walder Frey and marry Talisa Maegyr instead of one of Frey's daughters, Robb doesn’t listen. Robb needed Frey’s forces, so Catelyn, Robb, Robb’s new and pregnant wife, Brynden the Blackfish Tully (Cat’s uncle), and Edmure Tully (Cat’s brother) travel to the Twins to apologize to Frey and marry Edmure off to one of Frey’s many daughters.  
Edmure is relieved to find that Roslin Frey is a catch, but after they are carried off to the marriage bed, Catelyn knows something is up when the doors are closed to the great hall and the house band plays “The Rains of Castamere,” Tywin Lannister’s revenge jam.  
Roose Bolton also shows Catelyn that he’s wearing armor. Then all hell breaks loose. Robb’s bannerman are killed, Talisa is stabbed multiple times in her stomach, and Robb is shot through with arrows. But it’s Roose Bolton that inflicts the final fatal blow as he stabs Robb saying, “The Lannisters send their regards.”  
Catelyn threatens to kill Walder’s young wife but he’s got a bunch of those stacked up somewhere so he’s fine with it. She cuts the girl’s throat and then Walder Rivers cuts Catelyn’s throat.  
Besides being killed and all, Lady Stoneheart believes that all of her children are dead by the hands of her enemies. Also Ned.
How Lady Stoneheart Was Made
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After their deaths, Grey Wind’s head is mounted on Robb’s body and Catelyn’s body is thrown into the Green Fork where it floats for three days (we know this last bit from the books). The ultimate disrespect in both cases.  
Also in the books, Nymeria, Arya’s direwolf, retrieves Catelyn’s body from the fork. Beric Dondarrion, the leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, brings her back to life with the “last kiss” and gives up his own life to do so. Because Dondarrion was brought back at least six times by the red priest Thoros of Myr, he’s not exactly all there, so Catelyn comes back broken.  
She’s milky white, her hair’s half missing, brittle and white, and she has a very difficult time speaking. Her throat is still cut so she speaks in horrible quashed gurgles. She comes off as a White Walker of sorts. She takes up leadership of the Brotherhood Without Banners and is hell bent on killing any Frey, Lannister, or Bolton as well as those who aid them.   
The North remembers. Lady Stoneheart’s revenge never dies. 
Huge Clues That LS Will Return: Lemoncloak’s Appearance and Jóhannes Haukur’s Tweets
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We saw the return of the Hound in “The Broken Man” (Clegane Bowl on!) and we also saw three men from the Brotherhood Without Banners come upon Brother Ray’s countryside Faith of the Seven pop-up. The guy in the middle was none other than Lem Lemoncloak, a ruthless killer who stayed on when Lady Stoneheart took over the BWB.  
Jóhannes Haukur has all but shown us the actual scene where Lady Stoneheart shows up, tweeting that he’ll indeed return in episode 8 as Lemoncloak and then tweeting out a link to an article about Lady Stoneheart with a pic of Catelyn. In the books, he helps hang two Freys. He does a lot of other bloodthirsty things for Lady Stoneheart. 
Michelle Fairley Was Spotted with a Castmate in Belfast in 2015
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A fan claims they spotted Fairley at a coffee shop in Belfast in October of 2015 when Game of Thrones was filming, having a coffee with a member of the cast. The fan @bienexorcizada tweeted: "Tomar café irlandés al lado de Michelle Fairley (y otro actor de GOT) no pasa todos los días #belfast #irishcoffee." Loosely translated to, “Having Irish coffee next to Michelle Fairley (and another actor GoT) does not happen every day.”  
The tweet doesn’t say who the other actor was, but please let it be Gwendoline Christie.   Sure, Fairley’s Irish, specifically she’s from Northern Ireland, and could have been dropping by to see an old work friend while she’s visiting family, but we know that Fairley is busy, so she might not have time to grab a latte with a former cast member.  
There was no picture because the fan was probably respectful enough not to take the pic, afraid of HBO, or their camera wasn’t working. Still, a fun tease for Lady Stoneheart’s possible return.