Weird History The True Story That Inspired 'The Revenant' Is Even Wilder Than The Movie  

Rebecca High

The Revenant is that 2016 Oscar-winning film starring Leonard DiCaprio. Leo plays a frontiersman who is mauled by a bear, then miraculously revives with a vengeance. Hugh Glass, the man who inspired Leo's character in the film, has an incredible true-life biography even wilder than the film, and it's all recapped in this video.

Hugh Glass was born in 1783, in Pennsylvania. He was a seafaring man until French pirates took over his ship, and Glass ended up becoming a pirate instead of being killed by his captors. Eventually he escaped and swam ashore, ending up in Texas.

In Texas, he encountered Native Americans who really weren't a fan of the white pirate who'd shown up in their midst. And once he escaped those Native Americans, he got captured by others.

After escaping capture and near-death by three very different people groups, Hugh Glass found his way to the mountains, where he got his start in the fur trade. But his crazy, harrowing story was only beginning, and you'll need to watch this video to hear the rest.