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Every Rick From Rick & Morty, Ranked By Sheer Rickishness

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You may find yourself feeling like a bit of a Jerry as you muddle your way through the complexities of the Rick and Morty multiverse. A short explanation of the world would be that there are actually an infinite number of universes and timelines, in which infinite variations of Rick and Morty exist and go on an infinite number of adventures.

The Rick that the show typically follows is Rick C-137. The misanthropic genius is a total jerk on the outside, but occasionally reveals a deep inner core of goodness through his actions regarding his family. He is pretty much the epitome of Rickishness. Although we can't be certain that we've seen every Rick from all the alternate dimensions, writers have certainly introduced quite a few. 

Even if we haven't seen every Rick in Rick and Morty, we've definitely met a range of Ricks. After all, for every version of Morty, there has to be a Rick, right? There are those Ricks on the Council of Ricks, Rick D. Sanchez III (owner of Simple Rick's cookies), Pickle Rick (C-137 turned pickle), and even Black Rick (racist name, by the way). And that's only the beginning. If you've seen every episode with every Rick, make sure to watch more shows like Rick and Morty. Check out this list of Ricks from Rick and Morty ranked by Rickishness, and vote up the most Rickish Ricks. 

  • 1

    Rick C-137

    The most Rickish of all the Ricks, he's perfectly evil with just enough heart to make him mildly likeable. 

  • 2

    Pickle Rick

    Although maybe not an entirely new version of Rick (C-137 turns himself into a pickle, so he's still technically C-137), Pickle Rick is pretty blood-thirsty and full of rage.

  • 3

    Toxic Rick

    Toxic Rick is all of the personality quirks that make C-137 the most Rickish, including his abusively weird love for his Morty.

  • 4

    Tiny Rick

    Although Tiny Rick is technically Rick C-137 (or at least his consciousness), he's surprisingly un-Rickish. Although he's intelligent and musically inclined like your standard Rick, he's also a kind and likable hero who saves teenagers from vampires.

  • 5

    Evil Rick

    Evil Rick takes his Rickishness to an extreme, and into something somehow more sinister. Just two steps above Rick on the evil scale, Evil Rick is lacking even the little bit of empathy that C-137 begrudgingly acknowledges. 

  • 6

    Black Rick

    Should your Rickishness really be determined by the color of your skin? Sound like total bullsh*t, Morty.

  • 7

    Rick J-22

    Raging against the machine and murdering your boss are pretty Rickish, but J-22 lacks a true Rick's nihilistic approach.

  • 8

    Investigator Rick

    A mysterious private eye working in the Citadel, he was providing Campaign Manager Morty information on Evil Morty, a pretty Rick move.

  • 9

    Rick D. Sanchez III

    Willy Wonka meets evil genius at Simple Rick's cookie factory. Rick D. Sanchez III uses his knowledge of mind control to manipulate others and profit for himself, all under the guise of caring. 

  • 10

    Rick D-99

    Rick D-99 shoots the Rick he believes to be C-137 in the face, which is a brutally Rickish move. But being a part of Seal Team Ricks goes against the very essence of Rickishness.

  • 11

    The Scientist Formerly Known As Rick

    Fashion sense, musical ability, and rebelling against the Council of Ricks makes the Scientist Formerly Known as Rick a decidedly Rickish Rick. 

  • 12

    Rick J19ζ7 (Doofus Rick)

    A Rick who is kind, emotionally aware, empathetic, and eats his own poop (according to the other Ricks). Definitely one of the least Rickish Ricks.

  • 13

    Morty Rick

    How Rickish can a Morty/Rick be? Unless Rick and Morty are actually the same person...

  • 14

    Super Weird Rick

    This version of Rick is slightly more evil than the most Rickish Rick (although not as evil as Evil Rick). We don't know much else about Super Weird Rick, but considering how strange he is, he's probably not very Rickish.

  • 15

    Cowboy Rick

    We know pretty much nothing about Cowboy Rick or his dimension, but he's really pulling off that hat, which is a pretty Rick move.

  • 16

    Farmer Rick

    We all know that Rick loves a good bit, and an overcommitment to the bit is pretty Rickish. However, farming Megafruit seems like pretty hard (and mostly honest) work, which doesn't seem particularly Rickish.

  • 17

    Commander-In-Chief Rick

    It's well known that Rick C-137 is not a fan of the Council of Ricks. It would be pretty un-Rickish to be the leader of this council... Unless, of course, you were actually the consciousness of another Rick, planning to take down the government from the inside.

  • 18

    Cronenberg Rick

    In a pretty Rickish move, Cronenberg Rick also destroyed his home and had to scoot on over to another dimension. 

  • 19

    Teacher Rick

    A teacher at Morty Academy, who looks just a little bit like the instructors at a certain wizard academy. Despite his sweeping cape, still very Rick.

  • 20

    Replacement Rick

    Although Replacement Rick was able to save his dimension from genetic doom, he also had a science 'whoopsy' that cost himself and his Morty their lives. 

  • 21

    Healthy Rick

    What you get when you remove all the Toxic Rick out of a Rick. Nice guy. Still Rick but a different kind of Rick.

  • 22

    Bootleg Portal Chemist Rick

    Assisting the Montytown Locos, this Rick is particularly sordid and particularly Rickish, stating "you keep me peeling scraps qualms and slipping Nib Nibs, I'll lick whatever ain't nailed down."

  • 23

    Juggling Rick

    A fine candidate for President of the Citadel with skills like that.

  • 24

    Visor Rick

    Well, eek-barba-durkle, check out Visor Rick with his all white, visor-wearing self. Not cool, Visor Rick, not cool.

  • 25

    Rick Guilt Rick

    Likely designed to resemble Jimmy McMillan, a politician affiliated with the "Rent is Too D*mn High Party," Rick Guilt Rick was a presidential canidate in the Citadel election. Since he's designed after someone else, not that Rick-y.