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Every Rick From Rick & Morty, Ranked By Sheer Rickishness

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You may find yourself feeling like a bit of a Jerry as you muddle your way through the complexities of the Rick and Morty multiverse. A short explanation of the world would be that there are actually an infinite number of universes and timelines, in which infinite variations of Rick and Morty exist and go on an infinite number of adventures.

The Rick that the show typically follows is Rick C-137. The misanthropic genius is a total jerk on the outside, but occasionally reveals a deep inner core of goodness through his actions regarding his family. He is pretty much the epitome of Rickishness. Although we can't be certain that we've seen every Rick from all the alternate dimensions, writers have certainly introduced quite a few. 

Even if we haven't seen every Rick in Rick and Morty, we've definitely met a range of Ricks. After all, for every version of Morty, there has to be a Rick, right? There are those Ricks on the Council of Ricks, Rick D. Sanchez III (owner of Simple Rick's cookies), Pickle Rick (C-137 turned pickle), and even Black Rick (racist name, by the way). And that's only the beginning. If you've seen every episode with every Rick, make sure to watch more shows like Rick and Morty. Check out this list of Ricks from Rick and Morty ranked by Rickishness, and vote up the most Rickish Ricks. 

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