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The 15+ Saddest Naruto Deaths That Legit Made You Cry

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List RulesVote for the most significant/saddest deaths in the Naruto franchise. SPOILER WARNING!

For a show that is so seemingly happy on the outside, Naruto and Naruto Shippuden both have their share of heartbreaks. The saddest Naruto deaths are a punch in the gut that often leave you with tears in your eyes, and the same goes for Shippuden. If you are not current with the series then you will definitely have some deaths spoiled, so please read this list with caution if you're not caught up. What is the saddest Naruto death from the entire franchise? We're counting on you to vote up the characters that you were most sad to see go.

From Jiraiya's heartbreaking death at the hands of Pain to the Third Hokage's death after fighting Orochimaru, these Naruto deaths were just too much to handle. It's OK if you cried- you aren't the only one.