The Scariest Threats to the United States

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Only legitimate, large-scale threats to the fabric of society. No hate-speech, no single people or joke threats.
Lots of stuff to be scared of these days... more than usual, even in our normal fear-based-economy. The media and the pundits and the politicians love to find new things for you to be afraid of every time they want your attention or your votes or your money... but what do you think the REAL threats to America are? Vote up your biggest fears and re-rank the list in the order of most important to least important and make sure to ADD any scary stuff I missed.
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    America is Becoming Increasingly Divided and Polarized

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    Money in Government

    If our politicians and political parties are controlled by money, do they even bother to listen to anyone who doesn't have it?
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    Our elected public servants may have started out wanting to change the world, but now they are just pandering, cowardly servants to whoever pays them the most.
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    Poorly Educated Electorate