WATCH Scientists Figured Out How Long Humans Would Survive In A Zombie Apocalypse, And Results Look Bleak  

Mick Jacobs

Since Night of the Living Dead, people have wondered about their chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse. According to the video below, those chances look bleak at best.

A group of scientists took into account the human population and the rate at which a disease would likely spread. According to their findings, the human population would be eradicated quickly.

Taking into account how much humans transfer germs and diseases without realizing it, a zombie infection could spread easily, especially if the zombies are the running kind instead of the dragging-their-feet kind.

However, these findings do omit one special human characteristic, one that might make the difference between death and survival in the world of The Walking Dead or Zombieland. Watch the video below to find out the missing ingredient and just what your chances of survival would be.