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The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Movie Quotes

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The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie quotes head back to India to reunite the residents of the unique senior hotel. The comedy sequel to the 2012 film was directed by John Madden using a screenplay by Ol Parker. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel opened in theaters in the United Kingdom on February 27, 2015, then in the United States on March 6, 2015.

In The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Sonny (Dev Patel) continues to run the Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful, a resort hotel in India which is home to several residents. Muriel (Maggie Smith) has taken on a management role while longtime residents Evelyn (Judi Dench), Douglas (Nill Nighy), Norman (Ronald Pickup), Carol (Diana Hardcastle) and Madge (Celia Imrie) continue to live and enjoy the hotel.

So when the hotel is down to just one vacancy, with two potential residents interested, Guy (Richard Gere) and Lavinia (Tamsin Greig), Sonny gets the idea to open a second location. But dealing with potential investors, plus planning a wedding to his blushing bride, Sunaina (Tina Desai), is tough enough, let alone dealing with the various adventures and relationships of his residents.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel brings some levity to theaters already booming with other films such as Chappie, The Lazarus Effect, Maps to the Stars and Hot Tub Time Machine 2.
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    Listen and Learn, Son

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    Sonny: Mr. Bally, while I am aware that convention dictates that I should wait for your assessment of our proposal, please take my interruption less as rudeness but as proof of our profound excitement at the opportunity to meet yourself and your fine company and let me say right here, right now...
    Muriel: All right, that's enough.
    Sonny: We agreed that my colleague would do the speaking and while her language may be salty, it has great economy and width.
    Muriel: I don't care about any of that. Listen and learn, son. Tea is a herb that's been dried out so to bring it back to life, you have to infuse it in boiling water. That is boiling water and everywhere I've been in this company, they slap down a cup of tepid nonsense, you know, with the tea bag lying beside it, which means I've got to go through the ridiculous business of dunking it in the lukewarm piss waiting for the slightest change of color to occur. And at my age, I haven't got the time.
    Sonny: This is what I'm talking about.

    When Sonny and Muriel meet with potential investors in America, they agree to let Muriel do the talking. This decision immediately backfires when she goes on a tirade about American tea customs, or lack thereof.
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    Don't Know If I'm Excited or Terrified

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    Evelyn: I don't know if I'm excited or terrified. Sometimes it seems to me that the difference between what we want and what we fear is the width of an eyelash.
    Muriel: I'm sorry, were you talking to me?
    Evelyn: Well the hearing's gone now, obviously.
    Muriel: Yeah, along with your backbone.
    Evelyn: I don't know why I tell you anything.
    Muriel: Because I'm older and wiser.
    Evelyn: 19 days older
    Muriel: That's the entire lifespan of a wasp.

    Evelyn, hesitant of making a romantic commitment with Douglas, tries to talk to Muriel about the situation. As old ladies often do, the conversation turns into small barbs back and forth about their age and current health status.
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    The Great Guy Chambers

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    Madge: Lordy, lord have mercy on my ovaries.
    Sonny: Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen this is the great Guy Chambers, as welcome as he is fragrant.
    Guy: Hello, good to meet you all.
    Sonny: Perhaps tomorrow you will allow me to take you on a tour of our magnificent big city. But, now I shall bring you food guaranteed to tickle even your most talented taste buds.
    Muriel: Wow, that was thorough. Find any polyps up there?
    Sonny: He's the one.
    Muriel: What one?
    Sonny: Our evaluator, sent to decide if we are to be franchised or for not.
    Muriel: What's your evidence?
    Sonny: The nose knows, Mrs. Donnelly.
    Muriel: Oh, right, so that's bollocks then.

    When Sonny introduces Guy to the residents, he goes above and beyond to make him feel special. Muriel questions this act, as she does when Sonny replies that Guy's been sent to evaluate their property.
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    I Couldn't Resist the Chance

    Jean: I couldn't resist the chance to come back and visit the old crumbling ruins... and see how the hotel was doing as well.

    Jean returns to the Exotic Marigold Hotel to see how the property is holding up and poke fun at the residents. While the property is in good shape, the residents are not as amused to hear her jokes.
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