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20 Small, Poignant Details And Trivia Tidbits From 'The Shining'

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Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is regarded as a masterpiece of the horror genre, despite what Stephen King might think. The art direction, the acting, the music... everything is perfectly in place to not only tell a story, but also to create a deep sense of foreboding within the carefully crafted film. Here are a few deep dive movie details and interesting tidbits from The Shining that were shared by dedicated fans. Vote up the most interesting details.

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    Subtle Clue

    Posted by u/Lamb_Shanked:

    In The Shining, before the scene with Jack and Grady in the bathroom, you can see a bloody handprint on the woman's dress.

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      Jack's Wardrobe

      Posted by u/digitalordead:

      In The Shining (because Kubrick is the gift that keeps on giving for movie details), Jack wears green in every scene at the beginning of the film, then starts to wear red for the rest of the film after he has the dream about Danny and Wendy.

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        The Overlook's Television Set

        Posted by u/stanfan114:

        In The Shining (1980), Danny watches the movie Summer of '42 on a TV that is not plugged in.

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          Secret Drinker

          Posted by u/xosherry:

          In The Shining, Wendy tells the doctor that Jack hasn't had a drink since he hurt Danny. When the bar appears to Jack, he drinks to "five miserable months on the wagon" but later says his hurting Danny was "three goddamn years ago," implying he was secretly drinking for years.

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