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Lisa Waugh
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With a show spanning two decades, there’s been plenty of time to dissect the characters and storylines to come up with all manner of The Simpsons fan theories. For instance, some fans believe The Simpsons are geniuses and choose to be dullards (except for Lisa) because it’s more fun. Others think that the show is a show within The Simpsons universe. There are also a lot of The Simpsons theories about where Springfield actually is; is it in another dimension or the Southern Hemisphere or Northern Kentucky?
The Simpsons conspiracy theories run the gamut, explaining the trap doors of character behavior and the running inconsistencies in the plot. Like why Hans Moleman dies, but shows up for more episodes. This The Simpsons theory suggests that it’s because he’s part of a legion of hybrid molemen who live underground and they are thwarted in their attempts to take over Springfield, mainly because of Homer. And that Grandpa Abe’s time traveling interferes with history and causes plot holes.
There are other popular fan theories about The Simpsons such as that Moe has known all along that Bart is the prank caller. Or that Homer has been in a coma for since the beginning and that’s why the characters never age. There’s a bizarre fan theory that the Simpsons are yellow because of Duff beer. What’s your favorite The Simpsons fan theory? Vote it up to the top of the list.
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Every Simpson Is a Super Genius

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This theory holds that all of The Simpsons are incredibly gifted, but only Lisa capitalizes on it. The reason? Ignorance is bliss. Grandpa did many amazing things until he got old and forgetful. Homer was intelligent until he got a crayon lodged in his brain; he even put it back after turning back into a super genius when he felt alienated from his regular friends. Bart has chosen to hide his smarts, and prefers a life of smartassery. Maggie has pulled off some amazing feats for a baby. Marge likes the simpler life, and knows that being a brainiac makes you miserable. Just look at Lisa.
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Homer Has Been in a Coma for Over Two Decades

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Hardtopickaname put this theory together from a 1992 episode in which Homer is talking to God.
Homer: God, I gotta ask you something. What's the meaning of life?
God: Homer, I can't tell you that.
Homer: C'mon!
God: You'll find out when you die.
Homer: I can't wait that long!
God: You can't wait six months?
Homer: No, tell me now!
God: Well, ok. The meaning of life is…
Then six months later, there’s a scene where Bart pulls a prank that puts Homer in a coma. He’s been in that coma ever since. That’s why no one ages. They are captured in Homer’s mind from the last time he saw them, but he’s been entertaining the world with those memories. 
BTW, this theory has been shared around the world. Hardtopickaname posted this update on Reddit: This got really big. I'm getting messages about it making the news in Australia, Belgium, and other places. It made the front page of Yahoo, and TMZ even got a statement from Al Jean about my theory. He says it's not true, but what does he know about the Simpsons?”
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Hans Moleman Is Several Molemen

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Moleman sure does die a lot. These fan theories suggest that there is a race of human-mole hybrids living under the surface of Springfield. They have been plotting to take over by occupying several jobs around town, but keep being thwarted, mostly by Homer.
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Bart Will Grow Up to Create the Simpsons

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Matt Groening based the show on his own family, down to the names of his parents and sisters. It would make a lot of sense that Bart, the kid dead set on shenanigans, ends up following his love for comedy and creating a show based on his family.