13 Times The Simpsons Glossed Over Morally Messed Up Things

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Vote up the most egregious instances of The Simpsons overlooking totally f*cked up moral situations.

For decades The Simpsons has brought joy and laughter to living rooms worldwide, but as is the nature of comedy, sometimes you've gotta push the boundaries of morality to get laughs. Making light of serious situations is how comedy writers cope with the darkness of reality, so it goes without saying that The Simpsons has playfully glossed over some pretty f*cked up things over the years. Hell, immorality is practically the name of the game, so how can you fault them for glossing over uncouth subjects?

One could easily argue that it's fair to give The Simpsons a bye when it comes to breaching morally messed up subjects, but still, the moments and storylines listed here might have crossed the line a bit... When it comes to morality on The Simpsons, anything goes. Vote up the instances of The Simpsons ignoring morally messed up things that you think cross the line.