20 Real People Who Look Just Like Simpsons Characters

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Vote up the most uncanny real world Simpsons doppelgangers spotted in the wild.

Look at these pictures of The Simpsons lookalikes and just try to deny that Simpsons characters have gone beyond Springfield, leaving the greatest animated series of all time behind. As you'll see below, Simpsons doppelgangers also live among us. Some of them are normal folks you might pass on the street, while others are famous celebrities you never even noticed look strikingly similar to people on The Simpsons.

These people who look just like Simpsons characters force us to ask a very important question: which came first: Matt Groening's characters or the real-life lookalikes?

While you ponder this extremely important question, make sure you vote up your favorites and then you're free to begin yet another Simpsons viewing marathon.