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13 Insane Yet Believable Fan Theories About The Sims

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With time travel, zombies, different timelines, and an incomprehensible language, it makes sense that there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there about The Sims. From explaining the mysterious disappearance of Bella Goth, to trying to figure out why Sims are so intellectually challenged, each Sims theory works hard to explain the unknowns of the game.

The problem is, a lot of things don't really make sense in The Sims universe. This makes it incredibly easy to come up with theories, but increasingly hard to support them. That being said, it also makes theories pretty hard to disprove. As a result, The Sims fan theories are often highly convoluted, but not entirely impossible.

Keep reading to see if any of these Sims fan theories even come close to making sense.

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    The Grim Reapers Are Sims Reincarnated

    The Grim Reaper is a surprisingly entertaining part of The Sims franchise. It's also vastly inconsistent from game to game. From the wild Medieval Reaper to the more traditional Reaper in The Sims 3, each game's Reaper looks and acts differently. One theory suggests that this could be because the Grim Reaper is just a temporary role that a different Sim embodies until it's time for the next dead person to take their place.

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    There Was a Zombie Apocalypse Between Games

    After the events of The Sims 3 (which chronologically occurs first), there might have been a zombie apocalypse. Zombies are abundant in Supernatural, so much so that it seems like a zombie apocalypse would be inevitable over time. If a zombie apocalypse did occur after the events of the third game, it would explain many parts of The Sims, including the lack of descendants and the small overall population.

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    Emit Relevart Destroyed the Aliens

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    When you travel to the future in The Sims, it's apparent that aliens no longer exist. In theory, this is because Emit waged a war against the extra-terrestrials and killed them all in the process. It would explain why there's only a small remnant of alien technology left and provide Emit with an excuse for confronting players in the first place.

    The player has the ability to change the future, so a dystopian future means that Emit failed, while a utopian future is what happens when he successfully defeats the aliens.

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    Sims Are an Experiment Gone Horribly Wrong

    Sims are odd creatures. They're quite unintelligent and they speak an increasingly ridiculous language. According to this theory, it isn't their fault. Sims are actually an elaborate science experiment gone horribly wrong. Based on their limited cognitive abilities, the experiment likely had to do with the human brain.

    Sims now live in a secluded part of the world where they're closely monitored by scientists and other professionals who ensure that they never escape to the real world.

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