WATCH This Smiling Doofus Single-Handedly Killed Over 500 People In World War II  

Mick Jacobs

One of the deadliest men ever to go to war remains a relatively obscure figure, part of an even more obscure conflict. The video below delves into the history of Simo Hayha, a Finnish sniper with the highest kill count on record.

While the rest of the world concerned itself with a little scuffle known as World War II, the Winter War took place between Finland and the Soviet Union. The conflict began over the Soviet's invasion of Finland.

Little did the Soviets realize exactly what they would find themselves up against, a sniper capable of taking them out without a scope. Nicknamed White Death, Simo Hayha took down hundreds of Soviet soldiers in only a hundred days.

Even the famed American Sniper has nothing on Hayha, who earned his reputation over the course of a single winter season. Watch the video below to understand just how big of a bada** this guy really was.