22 'Sopranos' Hot Takes That Made Us Say "Oh, Marone!"

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It's always fun to see what others have to say about a beloved show. Thanks to the internet, differing opinions are easy to happen upon– especially when it comes to classics like The Sopranos. Whether you're on your first or fifth watch of the series, we've rounded up some of the best Sopranos hot-takes you're sure to enjoy! 


  • 1. Patsy Parisi Was A Great Choice To Threaten Gloria

    From Redditor u/BuffTheStuff98:

    I heard Bobby Bacala (I can't even say his real name) [say] on the podcast that Paulie or Silvio would have been better choices to threaten Gloria away from Tony, and I whole-heartedly disagree with him (as usual). Paulie or Silvio would have been over-the-top, like calling in a [detonation device] scare at a [service]. The way Patsy, this little middle-aged guy who could pass for a high school math teacher, casually pivots from flirting to [morbid] is 100% chilling. In that moment, in that car, I completely believed he would shoot Gloria in the face and then go home like he had picked up the dry cleaning. They belabor this point later when he's discussing dinner with his wife over the phone, but it's still such a remarkable, low-key scary scene.

  • 2. Neither Junior Nor Tony Were Ever Supposed To Be Boss

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    When Old Man DiMeo was sentenced to life in prison in 1995, he handpicked his successor - Jackie Aprile. At the time, Jackie was a very young guy to be Boss - only 40. There was no way to know he would die young or develop cancer.

    As far as anyone was aware in 1995, Jackie would stay on as Boss for the foreseeable future, possibly dying as an old man, long after Junior was dead and Tony was too old to take the reigns.

    DiMeo could’ve picked Junior, who had the age and seniority.

    He could’ve picked Tony, who was popular and a good earner.

    He picked Jackie on purpose to ensure that no Soprano ever reached the throne.

    Why? Because the guy had 30 or more years of dealing with both Soprano guys to know both were not Boss material. Before he was put on trial, Junior and Tony directly reported to him as Captains. As such, he knew their strengths and weaknesses...

    He purposely picked a very young guy whose last name wasn’t Soprano for the express purpose of ensuring no Soprano would ever become Boss. With Jackie being so young, if he lived a full life, Junior and Tony would’ve remained stuck as Captains forever...

    It says a lot to me that even when Jackie knew he was dying he didn’t outright name Tony as his successor. Gotta ask yourself why that is....

  • 3. Ro Tells It Like It Is

    From Redditor u/somerton:

    Ro is one of my favorite minor characters for the way she so bluntly and refreshingly tells the truth when other characters are putting their heads in the sand. She strikes a nice balance between [organization]-wife no-nonsense toughness and genuine care for others, which most of the people on this show don't manage to...

    I always found her a little insensitive to Carm's emotional philosophical insights and breakdown in Paris, but here it's the opposite: Ro is telling the truth, and Carm is just ignoring her and spouting random pseudo-profound psychological observations. But Ro has a point, in that Carm just coddles AJ and doesn't make him take responsibility. It's not that she should be a drill sergeant of a parent, but that she's just way too soft on him almost all of the time.

  • 4. Paulie And Christopher Had A Pure Relationship Ruined By The The Family

    From Redditor u/Proud_Asparagus1934:

    Before Christopher was made, he confessed his feelings to Paulie about his hopelessness in life and later on he complains to Paulie about the burden of being made.

    I think this says a lot considering how everyone in their life looks down upon people who allow themselves to be vulnerable and say how they actually feel. I’d also imagine that complaining about being made would be considered blasphemy considering that it’s the highest honour of being in a family.

    I imagine that while Christopher was growing up, Paulie was someone he went to for life advice whether it be about girls or just general life advice.

    But I think once Christopher became a member of the family their relationship eroded due to the reality of the business. After Christopher dies, you can tell that Paulie is the only one who truly regrets what he did to him. How the majority of their disputes came down to money and keeping up appearances.

  • 5. Tony B Was Actually Amazing

    From Redditor u/Groundbreaking-Ad407:

    In his 1st episode, he recites some of the best lines when he called Paulie Grandpa Munster and when he told Vito those cards aren’t candy bars. His destructive actions helped set the tone for season 5 and he ultimately set up a [conflict] that was enthralling to watch. 

  • 6. Angie Bonpensiero Is Interesting

    From Redditor u/BillyMac05:

    Angie Bonpensiero, played by Toni Kalem, is an interesting character. When Pussy was still around, every time you saw the character surface, she was a fairly unattractive middle-aged woman. A chain smoker who looked depressed and rail-thin. Her life was sad and her marriage was loveless... And one thing I never understood about the Pussy situation. She HAS to know Tony and Sil [slayed] him, right? They show up at his house, take Pussy with him and he never comes home??!! What did they ever tell her? She has to just be terrified of Tony and can't say a thing.

    Her arc is fairly compelling, too. She begins as a shell of a woman. She ends up confident and in control. A slick, corvette driving player in a male-dominated world (loan sharking, not the body shop). Plenty of cash for oven cleaner and vet bills.