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The Space Between Us Movie Quotes

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Here are the best quotes from The Space Between Us, a movie about when the first human born on Mars visits Earth for the first time. The romantic science fiction film was written by Alan Loeb using a story he created along with Stewart Schill and Richard Barton Lewis.

In The Space Between Us, Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman) leads a mission to send six people to colonize Mars, but after those six astronauts head out, they realize that one is pregnant. The mother dies in childbirth on Mars but the baby, Gardner (Asa Butterfield) survives. Gardner spends his next 16 years living on Mars under the care of scientists, including Kendra (Carla Gugino).

Gardner wants very much to visit Earth to find his biological father, meet his Internet pal Tulsa (Britt Robertson), and experience life on the planet. Though this is very risky, as Gardner's organs cannot support Earth's gravity, they allow him to come to Earth for testing. Gardner ends up escaping from the testing facility and meeting up with Tulsa. The two journey across the planet and a romance develops, at least as long as Gardner's body will allow it.

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    Wish I Could Go with You

    Gardner: Hey, Tulsa
    Tulsa: I'm out of here the second I turn 18. 
    Gardner: I just wish I could go with you. 

    Via the power of the Internet, Gardner has found a friend in Tulsa, a girl from Colorado. As they mention in these The Space Between Us movie quotes, they both share one thing, a desire to leave where they were raised in favor of life elsewhere.

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      A Planet Ready for Life

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      Nathaniel: I want to go to Mars. I wrote those words when I was 12 years old. Mars is a planet ready for life. In 20 hours, six astronauts will travel to Mars, not to visit, but to live there!
      Nathaniel: Zero gravity, that's uncharted territory. 
      Astronaut: We lost her. 
      Nathaniel: His heart will simply not have the strength in the Earth's gravity. Bones will be brittle.
      Kendra: He wouldn't even survive the trip back to Earth. 

      The world watches as a team of six astronauts leave for a mission to colonize Mars in these The Space Between Us movie quotes. But what no one knows at the time is that one astronaut is pregnant and a very unique little boy is about to be born on the red planet.

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        You Make Me Human

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        Gardner: I was scared I wouldn't know how to be human. 
        Tulsa: You make me human. 
        Gardner: Tulsa, what's your favorite thing about Earth?
        Tulsa: You are, Gardner.

        In a touching moment, Gardner and Tulsa share kind words about the other. She makes him human and he makes Earth perfect for her.

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          I Want to Get Out of Here

          Gardner: There's so many colors! ... Can I stay?
          Kendra: They need to do more tests. 
          Gardner: Nothing's changed. I want to get out there.
          Kendra: There's been a breach!
          Nathaniel: We need teams at the airport, Amtrak station. He can't survive.
          Nathaniel: How do we know he's going to see her?
          Kendra: Cause she's the only person he knows on Earth and he's a romantic.

          Now that Gardner is on Earth, he wants nothing more than to leave the research facility where he's being held and see the world. Since he's not allowed to do that, Gardner escapes in the scenes from these The Space Between Us movie quotes.

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