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What To Expect When You're Expecting To Turn Into A Werewolf

Updated April 9, 2021 45.3k views9 items

Folklore and pop culture has codified the steps of how you turn into a werewolf, and it's not pretty. While the end result might be cool, the steps of turning into a werewolf are all pretty painful for your human form to handle. There is usually a lot of screaming, snapping, stretching, and howling involved.

The most common version of a werewolf is a cross between a man and a wolf, usually depicted as a wolf-like creature capable of walking upright on two legs. However, in other variants, the transformation process turns a man into a wolf completely, and he retains no human features or mannerisms whatsoever.

Plenty of movies, television shows, and comics have demonstrated slight variations to the traditional werewolf transformation process, adding their spin on what happens when you turn into a werewolf, but the key steps tend to stay the same. This list walks you through the process of turning into a werewolf step by step in all its gruesome glory. 

  • Your Skin Stretches And Tightens Over The New Form

    Photo: The Company of Wolves / Cannon Films

    Once your bones begin repositioning themselves, your skin has to move, too. While skin can be pretty elastic, it's likely your skin will shred in some places and stretch in others. But after the gooey mess is over, a new, tightened, fully-formed (albeit fuzzy) layer of skin eventually slides into place over your now stronger and more muscular physique.

  • Your Ears Become Pointed

    Photo: Underworld / Screen Gems

    Obviously, you’ll be getting new pointed wolf ears with enhanced hearing abilities - all the better to stalk your innocent prey. Unfortunately, the process looks just as painful as everything else. Your ears stretch up out of the side of your head like Laffy Taffy before taking their final form.

  • Your Face Contorts And Splits As Your Snout Forms

    Photo: Hemlock Grove / Netflix

    As the transformation process nears its completion, your face will push forward and split away as a snout forms. Your jaw dislodges to make room for a massive, deadly maw. It's as if someone just grabbed your face and yanked a new one straight out.

  • Sharp Teeth Emerge

    Photo: The Company of Wolves / Cannon Films

    Every lycanthrope is sure to grow a brand new set of fangs, which usually begin forming at the same time as the snout. This is because you're getting more teeth than your human mouth can possibly accommodate. Your old teeth may begin to elongate, or in some cases, they’ll just fall right out of your face, as new fangs fit for flesh-tearing burst through your gums.