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The Decades-Old Rumor About How Mark Hamill's Face Changed 'Empire Strikes Back'

You may not be aware, but Mark Hamill's face actually remains the subject of a pretty longstanding debate. The actor suffered facial injuries in a car wreck between the filming of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, and some fans believe the wampa attack scene (the Hoth Yeti) was written as a direct result of Mark Hamill's car accident. Carrie Fisher seemed to think so, but others involved in the film disagreed. Frustratingly, some behind-the-scenes photos build solid arguments for both sides.

So what really happened to Hamill's face? Did it always look like that, or was he hideously disfigured in a car crash to the point that filmmakers had to rewrite part of Empire's script? Dive into the mystery behind Mark Hamill's accident to try and determine whether or not it changed . . . anything at all.