Weird History The Story Of Oofty Goofty, The Sideshow Performer Who Lived The Most Depressing And Interesting Life  

Rebecca High

Oofty Goofty lived one of the most insane lives one could possibly live, so consider yourself warned before you dive into this video and his outrageous life story.

Oofty Goofty was born Leonard "Leon" Borchardt. As a teen he stowed away from his native Germany on a ship bound for America, but the captain found him and forced him to work for his keep, including on the return voyage to Europe.

He ended up wandering around the United States and even signing up for the US cavalry without realizing the purpose of the militia was to fight Native Americans. He ditched that gig, sold his gun, and headed to San Francisco. His first job was with a side show, as a "tarred and feathered" attraction. 

And that's kind of how his nickname was born. But you'll have to give this video a watch to learn the whole slapstick silly story of a real-life dude who probably should have just learned to pay attention to what he was doing in life, and maybe even think ahead.