What The Stranger Things Kids Look Like One Year After The First Season Premiered

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One of the most compelling and entertaining aspects of Netflix's Stranger Things is the talent and charisma of its youthful cast, who all catapulted into super stardom practically overnight. Interestingly enough, their lives changed at a time when their bodies are also changing, meaning the kids of Stranger Things one year later look a bit different than the faces you remember. Looking at the Stranger Things cast then and now gives you a funny look at adolescence happening on a celebrity scale. Usually you only see Jenners and Duggars grow up on TV, but as Stranger Things kids go through puberty, you see them grow up with each season.

While you spent your year pouring over Stranger Things fan theories for Season 2, the young cast of Stranger Things grew up, some more so than others. Actors Noah Schnapp and Caleb McLaughlin are getting the hang of wearing suits, while Millie Bobby Brown continues her rise as a young fashion darling. Even the late Barb, played by Shannon Purser, experienced a glow-up of her own, transferring from one young drama to another, Riverdale. Expect to see the Stranger Things cast on more than just your Netflix account.