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Famous suicides list is a list of famous people who committed suicide - celebrities and historical figures - with photos. The complete list of the most famous suicides in history, including a lot of Hollywood suicides. What celebrities have killed themselves? Some of these famous suicides happened by overdose of sleeping pills or drugs; many of those who took their own lives were consumed by depression. An actor or two on this list was also believed to have killed himself, though the results of his death report has been disputed. The list below shows all celebrity suicides and all other notable people who ended their lives. What celebrities have committed suicide? This list also includes information about the methods of committing suicide used by each of these famous people who killed themselves. This list includes notable actors, musicians, and other famous professionals that are victims of suicide. If you find this list interesting, check out these lists of famous suicide notes and of these suicidal celebrities who attempted to kill themselves.
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John William Godward is listed (or ranked) 101 on the list Famous Suicides List
John William Godward Died at 61 (1861-1922) John William Godward was an English painter from the end of the Pre-Raphaelite/Neo-Classicist era. He was a protégé of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema but his style of painting fell out ...more

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John Milton is listed (or ranked) 102 on the list Famous Suicides List
John Milton Died at 58 (1807-1865) John Milton was an American politician who was the fifth Governor of Florida. Milton was the son of Homer Virgil Milton and the grandson of Revolutionary War hero and former Georgia Secretary of ...more

Johnny Ace is listed (or ranked) 103 on the list Famous Suicides List
Johnny Ace Died at 25 (1929-1954) American singer, self-inflicted gunshot John Marshall Alexander, Jr., known by the stage name Johnny Ace, was an American rhythm and blues singer. He scored a string of hit singles in the mid-1950s before dying of an accidental ...more

Johnny Indrisano is listed (or ranked) 104 on the list Famous Suicides List
Johnny Indrisano Died at 62 (1906-1968) Johnny Indrisano was an American welterweight boxer whose career spanned the period from 1923 to 1934.

Jonathan Brandis is listed (or ranked) 105 on the list Famous Suicides List
Jonathan Brandis Died at 27 (1976-2003) Jonathan Gregory Brandis was an American actor, director, and screenwriter. Beginning his career as a child model, Brandis moved on to acting in commercials and subsequently won television and ...more

José Manuel Balmaceda is listed (or ranked) 106 on the list Famous Suicides List
José Manuel Balmaceda Died at 51 (1840-1891) President of Chile, gunshot José Manuel Emiliano Balmaceda Fernández was the 11th President of Chile from September 18, 1886 to August 29, 1891. Balmaceda was part of the Castilian-Basque aristocracy in ...more

Jovan Belcher is listed (or ranked) 107 on the list Famous Suicides List
Jovan Belcher Died at 25 (1987-2012) Jovan Henry Allen Belcher was an American football linebacker who played for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League. He grew up in West Babylon, New York and was a standout high ...more

Joyce Jameson is listed (or ranked) 108 on the list Famous Suicides List
Joyce Jameson Died at 55 (1932-1987) Joyce Jameson was an American actress, educated and well-read, who was typecast in sexualized roles during the period when Marilyn Monroe was famous. Jameson was known for many television roles, ...more

Julia Acker is listed (or ranked) 109 on the list Famous Suicides List
Julia Acker Died at 44 (1898-1942) Julia Acker was a Jewish-Polish figurative artist. Since many records from the World War II period and the German occupation of Poland are missing, the year of her birth in Lemberg and death in ...more

Juhan Viiding is listed (or ranked) 110 on the list Famous Suicides List
Juhan Viiding Died at 47 (1948-1995) Estonian poet and actor, cut his veins Juhan Viiding, also known under the pseudonym of Jüri Üdi was an Estonian poet and actor.

Kay Sage is listed (or ranked) 111 on the list Famous Suicides List
Kay Sage Died at 65 (1898-1963) Katherine Linn Sage, usually known as Kay Sage, was an American Surrealist artist and poet. She was active between the years of 1936 and 1963, the year she committed suicide. She married the ...more

Leno Prestini is listed (or ranked) 112 on the list Famous Suicides List
Leno Prestini Died at 57 (1906-1963) Leno Prestini was an American painter and sculptor who was active from the 1920s through the early 1960s, mainly in the small town of Clayton, Washington. He worked as a professional terra cotta ...more

Karin Boye is listed (or ranked) 113 on the list Famous Suicides List
Karin Boye Died at 41 (1900-1941) Karin Maria Boye was a Swedish poet and novelist.

Junior Seau is listed (or ranked) 114 on the list Famous Suicides List
Junior Seau Died at 43 (1969-2012) Tiaina Baul "Junior" Seau Jr. was a linebacker in the National Football League. Known for his passionate playing style, he was a 10-time All-Pro, 12-time Pro Bowl selection, and named ...more

Karl Dane is listed (or ranked) 115 on the list Famous Suicides List
Karl Dane Died at 48 (1886-1934) Karl Dane was a Danish-American comedian and actor known for his work in American films, mainly of the silent film era. He became a star after co-starring in one of the most successful silent ...more

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Keith Emerson is listed (or ranked) 116 on the list Famous Suicides List
Keith Emerson age 72 Keith Noel Emerson is an English keyboardist and composer. He was formerly a member of the Keith Emerson Trio, John Brown's Bodies, The T-Bones, The V.I.P.'s, P.P. Arnold's backing band, The ...more

Kenny McKinley is listed (or ranked) 117 on the list Famous Suicides List
Kenny McKinley Died at 23 (1987-2010) Kendrick "Kenny" L. McKinley was an American football wide receiver for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. He was drafted by the Broncos in the fifth round of the 2009 ...more

Kim Winona is listed (or ranked) 118 on the list Famous Suicides List
Kim Winona Died at 48 (1930-1978) Kim Winona was a Native American actress. A Sioux Native American, Winona appeared with Keith Larsen in the CBS western television series Brave Eagle during 1955-1956 season. Born in Nebraska as ...more

Korechika Anami is listed (or ranked) 119 on the list Famous Suicides List
Korechika Anami Died at 58 (1887-1945) Japanese War Minister, seppuku Korechika Anami was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II, and was War Minister at time of the surrender of Japan.

Kostas Karyotakis is listed (or ranked) 120 on the list Famous Suicides List
Kostas Karyotakis Died at 32 (1896-1928) Greek poet, gunshot Kostas Karyotakis is considered one of the most representative Greek poets of the 1920s and one of the first poets to use iconoclastic themes in Greece. His poetry conveys a great deal of ...more

Kurt Cobain is listed (or ranked) 121 on the list Famous Suicides List
Kurt Cobain Died at 27 (1967-1994) American singer, songwriter and guitarist for Nirvana, gunshot Kurt Donald Cobain was an American musician who was best known as the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the grunge band Nirvana. Cobain formed Nirvana with Krist Novoselic in ...more

Laurie Bird is listed (or ranked) 122 on the list Famous Suicides List
Laurie Bird Died at 26 (1953-1979) Laurie Bird was an American actress and photographer.

Leandro N. Alem is listed (or ranked) 123 on the list Famous Suicides List
Leandro N. Alem Died at 55 (1841-1896) Argentine politician, founder of the Radical Civic Union, gunshot to the head Leandro Nicéforo Alem was an Argentine politician, born in Buenos Aires, a founder and leader of the Radical Civic Union. He was also an active Freemason. Alem was the uncle and political ...more

Lembit Oll is listed (or ranked) 124 on the list Famous Suicides List
Lembit Oll Died at 33 (1966-1999) Estonian chess Grandmaster, jumped out of window Lembit Oll was an Estonian chess grandmaster. He was already successful as a junior, becoming champion of Estonia in 1982 and junior champion of the Soviet Union in 1984. He also won multiple ...more

Leopoldo Lugones is listed (or ranked) 125 on the list Famous Suicides List
Leopoldo Lugones Died at 64 (1874-1938) Leopoldo Lugones Argüello was an Argentine writer and journalist.

Leona Hutton is listed (or ranked) 126 on the list Famous Suicides List
Leona Hutton Died at 57 (1892-1949) Leona Hutton was an American actress. During her brief career, between 1913 and 1916, she appeared in 48 silent era motion pictures.

Lester C. Hunt is listed (or ranked) 127 on the list Famous Suicides List
Lester C. Hunt Died at 62 (1892-1954) Lester Callaway Hunt, Sr., was a Democratic politician and dentist from the state of Wyoming. He served as the 19th Governor of Wyoming from January 4, 1943 to January 3, 1949 and as United ...more

Li Tobler is listed (or ranked) 128 on the list Famous Suicides List
Li Tobler Died at 27 (1948-1975) Swiss actress, model and life partner of artist H. R. Giger, gunshot Li Tobler was a Swiss stage actress. She is best known as a model for several of H. R. Giger's works, as well as for being his life partner up until her suicide in 1975.

Libby Holman is listed (or ranked) 129 on the list Famous Suicides List
Libby Holman Died at 67 (1904-1971) Libby Holman was an American torch singer and stage actress who also achieved notoriety for her complex and unconventional personal life.

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Lina Marulanda is listed (or ranked) 130 on the list Famous Suicides List
Lina Marulanda Died at 30 (1980-2010) Lina Marulanda was a Colombian television personality and model.

Lois Hamilton is listed (or ranked) 131 on the list Famous Suicides List
Lois Hamilton Died at 47 (1952-1999) Lois Hamilton was an American model, author, aviator, artist and actress.

Louis Adamic is listed (or ranked) 132 on the list Famous Suicides List
Louis Adamic Died at 53 (1898-1951) Louis Adamic was a Slovene-American author and translator, mostly known for writing about and advocating for ethnic diversity of America.

Louis Bennison is listed (or ranked) 133 on the list Famous Suicides List
Louis Bennison Died at 45 (1884-1929) Louis Bennison was an actor.

Lucy Gordon is listed (or ranked) 134 on the list Famous Suicides List
Lucy Gordon Died at 29 (1980-2009) Lucy Gordon was a British actress and model. She became a face of CoverGirl in 1997 before starting an acting career. Her first film was Perfume in 2001 before going on to have small roles in ...more

Ludwig Boltzmann is listed (or ranked) 135 on the list Famous Suicides List
Ludwig Boltzmann Died at 62 (1844-1906) Austrian physicist famous for thermodynamics and the atomic theory, hanging Ludwig Eduard Boltzmann was an Austrian physicist and philosopher whose greatest achievement was in the development of statistical mechanics, which explains and predicts how the properties of ...more

L'Wren Scott is listed (or ranked) 136 on the list Famous Suicides List
L'Wren Scott Died at 50 (1964-2014) American fashion designer/model: found dead hanging from a doorknob Laura "Luann" Bambrough, known professionally as L'Wren Scott, was an American stylist, fashion designer, costume designer and model. Previously a celebrity stylist, Scott's clientele ...more

Maggie McNamara is listed (or ranked) 137 on the list Famous Suicides List
Maggie McNamara Died at 49 (1929-1978) Marguerite "Maggie" McNamara was an American stage, film, and television actress and model. McNamara began her career as a teenage fashion model. She made her Broadway stage debut in ...more

Manuel Acuña is listed (or ranked) 138 on the list Famous Suicides List
Manuel Acuña Died at 24 (1849-1873) Mexican poet Manuel Acuña Narro was a 19th-century Mexican writer. He focused on poetry, but also wrote some novels and plays. Even though he was famous at an early time of his life, he decided to ...more

Marcel Jacob is listed (or ranked) 139 on the list Famous Suicides List
Marcel Jacob Died at 45 (1964-2009) Swedish musician" Marcel Karl Jacob was a Swedish musician, best known as the bassist in the hard rock bands Talisman and Yngwie Malmsteen. For a short period Marcel also played together with the band Europe.

Margaux Hemingway is listed (or ranked) 140 on the list Famous Suicides List
Margaux Hemingway Died at 42 (1954-1996) Margaux Louise Hemingway was an American fashion model and actress. The statuesque Hemingway experienced visible success as a 'supermodel' in the mid-1970s appearing on the covers of ...more

Mark Rothko is listed (or ranked) 141 on the list Famous Suicides List
Mark Rothko Died at 67 (1903-1970) Mark Rothko was an American painter of Russian Jewish descent. He is generally identified as an Abstract Expressionist. With Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, he is one of the most famous ...more

Mark Linkous is listed (or ranked) 142 on the list Famous Suicides List
Mark Linkous Died at 48 (1962-2010) Mark Linkous was an American singer, songwriter and musician, best known as leader of Sparklehorse. He was also known for his collaborations with such notable artists as Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, ...more

Marie Walcamp is listed (or ranked) 143 on the list Famous Suicides List
Marie Walcamp Died at 42 (1894-1936) Marie Walcamp was an American actress of the silent film era.

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Marshall Applewhite is listed (or ranked) 144 on the list Famous Suicides List
Marshall Applewhite Died at 66 (1931-1997) American leader of the Heaven's Gate religious cult, overdose Marshall Herff Applewhite, Jr., also known as "Bo" and "Do", among other names, was an American cult leader who founded what became known as the Heaven's Gate religious group ...more

Martin H. Glynn is listed (or ranked) 145 on the list Famous Suicides List
Martin H. Glynn Died at 53 (1871-1924) Martin Henry Glynn was an American politician. He was the 40th Governor of New York from 1913 to 1914, the first Irish American Roman Catholic head of government of what was then the most ...more

Marvel Rea is listed (or ranked) 146 on the list Famous Suicides List
Marvel Rea Died at 36 (1901-1937) Marvel Rea was an American silent film actress best known for her work aside Ford Sterling. She was one of Mack Sennett's "Bathing Beauties".

Max Kurzweil is listed (or ranked) 147 on the list Famous Suicides List
Max Kurzweil Died at 49 (1867-1916) Maximilian Franz Viktor Zdenko Marie Kurzweil was an Austrian painter and printmaker. He moved near Vienna in 1879. Maximillian or Max Kurzweil studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with ...more

Marwan al-Shehhi is listed (or ranked) 148 on the list Famous Suicides List
Marwan al-Shehhi Died at 23 (1978-2001) United Arab Emirate Al Qaeda terrorist, 9/11 attacks Marwan Yousef Mohamed Rashid Lekrab al-Shehhi was the hijacker-pilot of United Airlines Flight 175, crashing the plane into the South Tower of the World Trade Center as part of the September 11 ...more

Max Linder is listed (or ranked) 149 on the list Famous Suicides List
Max Linder Died at 42 (1883-1925) French film and stage actor, double suicide with wife; veronal and morphine ingestion, cut wrists. Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle, better known by the stage name Max Linder, was a French actor, director, screenwriter, producer and comedian of the silent film era. His onscreen persona ...more

May Ayim is listed (or ranked) 150 on the list Famous Suicides List
May Ayim Died at 36 (1960-1996) German author, jumped from 13th floor of a Berlin building May Ayim is the pen name of May Opitz; she was an Afro-German poet, educator, and activist. The child of a German mother and Ghanaian medical student, she was adopted by a white German family ...more