Total Nerd The Superhero Movie Bubble Is About To Burst And These Adaptations Prove It  

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Thanks to the roaring success of Marvel's vast cinematic universe and the appeal to studios to produce movies with built-in fan bases, superheroes are all the rage lately. These supernatural crime fighters suck up countless TV time slots and plenty of screens in theaters, with more than a dozen different superhero properties pumping out new television seasons and feature films each year. This leaves one to wonder, how long can the superhero hoopla last?

There's been a marked genre quality deficit across the board as the wide array of companies involved in propagating this fad continue to increase their superhero output to the breaking point. Despite the popularity of superhero movies and tv shows, superhero fatigue is a real thing, and it's approaching at lightning speeds for the audiences who would normally embrace these products.

It's not hard to deduce why Hollywood is going to stop making superhero stuff; the superhero cash-cow is heading toward burnout. Simply put, Hollywood is so obsessed with making bank that they're glossing over the details that keep audiences interested. Here are all the terrible superhero movies and TV shows - and even a few good ones - that prove we're headed toward a superhero saturation point.

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'Marvel's Inhumans' Proves That Fans Would Rather Wait For The Superheroes They Love Than Watch Bad TV

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Inhumans is a prime example of how much money there is being haphazardly thrown around inside the superhero cinema business these days. One day Kevin Feige says Inhumans is getting its own Marvel movie, the next day it's a TV show produced as quickly as possible to capitalize on the momentum of screen adaptation interest. Which, unsurprisingly, makes for bad TV

The show features paper-thin characters, awful CGI, shoddy camerawork, and a tonal campiness that would make the 1980s cringe. It's a mess of a show and one that serves as a prime example as to why superhero properties shouldn't get the screen treatment just because their parent company can afford to fund them and buzz has been properly built. The buzz will stay strong, and even grow, if the comic stories they love so much are done justice. 

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This is the grimmest, most unenjoyable superhero film to ever exist. Lacking any semblance of self-awareness or even the smallest inkling of humor, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a case study in what happens when a superhero movie forgets the pulpy medium its source material originates from. 

When the era of superhero movies is over, people will look back on Batman V Superman and realize that this is where everything went wrong in one fell swoop. For a movie about hope, this flick has absolutely none of the stuff and is the biggest thematic misfire in Warner Bros.' history.

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This whole show has been nothing but a misfire from the very start, featuring not one instance of good writing across its dozens of episodes. With a tone akin to iCarly meets Two Broke Girls, and a protagonist whose competence levels fluctuate wildly with each episode, there's nothing but tacky jokes and unpredictably bad adventures in Supergirl.

One episode she's stronger than her exponentially more powerful cousin Superman, the next she needs the Flash's help to take down some Goth girls with weird mouth powers. It's a pathetic representation of the superhero genre and will no doubt be the biggest piece of evidence people look back on when they wonder where superhero TV went wrong - that is if the ratings aren't already reflecting this realization now.

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Arrow is drifting away from its own superhero genre and deliberately turning into standardized CW trash because even it knows the superhero genre is about to implode. The show features a semi-attractive actor and poorly written team dynamics, not to mention a painfully tacky romantic relationship. Arrow is essentially a romantic drama with a penchant for the occasional bow and arrow scene. Much like a bomb shelter for the fallout of the post-superhero era, Arrow appears to be morphing into a generic dramatic show as though it knows it's part of a ticking time bomb genre.

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