The Tastiest Pizza Toppings

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What tops your perfect pizza? Vote up the toppings you simply must have on every pie.

Here is our definitive list of the most delicious pizza topping ideas, ranked and voted on by you, the pizza lovers of the Internet. What are the best pizza toppings? When it comes to pizza, everyone has an opinion. Among the most popular pizza toppings are pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Those tend to be the pizza varieties that appeal to the widest array of taste buds, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best. First-choice toppings for pizza tends to be a very personal thing, and this pizza toppings list includes over 100 ingredients!

Perhaps you're more into California Pizza Kitchen inspired combinations, like CPK's barbecue chicken or Thai peanut sauce? Are you a basic cheese pizza kind of person? Do you brake for meat pies with pepperoni and sausage? Is there a pizza topping we probably haven't tried that we should? Is there a classic combo we haven't thought of yet? Add it! Just no cucumber. As Seinfeld taught us, you cannot put cucumbers on a pizza! Well, you can, but they may not qualify as good pizza toppings. 

Either way, use these pizza topping ideas to inspire your next pizza party! And if your idea of the perfect pizza is one of the largest pizza delivery chains like Domino's Pizza or Pizza Hut, you might want to take a minute to weigh in on those as well. To each his own.


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